Avalon, Georgia Habersham EMC, is the Utility Company that provides service to the area´s 200 residents and with coverage that includes zip code(s) 30557,30577 and on.

Moving to Avalon & Setting Up with Habersham EMC

Fortunately, starting up service with Habersham EMC is pretty straightforward. Simply call Habersham EMC's customer service: 706-754-2114 and provide the following:

  • Your exact address (including your street address, unit number, city/town, and zip code)
  • Your full name and contact information (phone number, email, address)
  • The date you require service (in other words, the date you move in)

Extra Requirements Many electric utility companies require a security deposit to activate accounts for new customers, so you may also be asked for your Social Security Number (SSN) in order for the utility to perform a credit check.

Habersham EMC customer service

Call Habersham EMC customer service at 706-754-2114 to report a power outage, electricity-related emergency, or you witness a dangerous situation involving power lines (a tree branch too close to a electric line).

For additional face to face assistance in creating an account (if available), visit the location nearest you:

Utility Co. Address Phone number Schedule Distance
Habersham EMC P. O. Box 25, 30523 Clarkesville, 706-754-2114 41.76 miles away.

About Habersham EMC Would you like to know more about Habersham EMC? Habersham EMC remains ready to assist with any questions related to starting your electricity service including questions about electricity rates or billing.

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