How to Turn off Natural Gas Service When Moving Out in the State of New York

This page details the procedure to terminate your natural gas service when moving out in New York state.

Terminating Gas Service

The process to cancel your home's gas service varies based on utility. Click on one of our utility-specific pages below to learn more.

Moving Outside of Your Utility’s Service Area

If your new home is outside of your current utility’s service area, you will need to call your utility’s customer service line to cancel your natural gas service. Though the process varies based on utility, most utilities prefer you to call at least 3-5 business days before your move-out date. This ensures that you will not be billed for extra days.

Your utility will need some information in order to close your current natural gas account, including things like:

  • Utility account number
  • Planned move out date

If you would like to cancel your electricity service as well, consult our article on terminating electricity service in New York State.

Setting up Service for your New Home

If you are moving to another home within New York state, you will need to call your new utilities to set up gas and electricity service. Consult our articles on new gas and new electricity service for more information, including utility-specific instructions.

Sticking with the Same Utility: Transferring Gas Service

If you are moving within the same utility’s service area, you can cancel current natural gas service and set it up at your new home during the same call. Most utilities require somewhere between 5-7 business days notice to set up new natural gas service. You will need to provide some information, including things like:

  • Utility account number
  • Planned move out date
  • New address and planned move in date
  • Updated contact information

To read more about your utility’s new account process, consult our new gas service article.

Terminating ESCO service

If you have signed up for natural gas supply with an alternative Energy Service Company (ESCO) you will not need to take any extra steps to cancel your ESCO service. However, you may be charged an early termination fee if you end your contract before the agreed time period. Consult the terms of your ESCO plan to be sure.

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