As one of over 70 retail electric providers in Texas, Chariot Energy offers residential and commercial electricity plans to consumers in the Texas deregulated market. Chariot Energy has a substantial presence in large cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston (based), and many other cities around Texas. Chariot Energy customer reviews show great support for services, plans, and the Chariot Energy login for customer account management.

Chariot Energy electricity plans : Texas residents

All around Texas, no matter which utility service area Texans reside in, Chariot Energy provides a consistent electricity plan offering.

Within Oncor Electric Delivery, CenterPoint Eenrgy, AEP Texas, and Texas-New Mexico Power coverage zones, the Chariot Energy plans are:
 the Chariot Energy GridEdge plan, available in 12, 15, and 18-month terms

 the Chariot Energy Blaze plan, available in 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, and 36-month terms

Chariot Energy plans in Houston, Dallas west and south Texas

Of course, as a Chariot Energy plan changes from TDU (utility company) to a different TDU, the final billed electricity rate will change. Chariot, like all other retail electric providers in Texas, passes the TDU delivery charge (monthly fee and energy cost) to customers to pay. Check out the current rates per TDU service area:

Utility company tariffs in Texas : MARCH 30 2021
TDU TDU monthly base fee TDU ¢/kWh energy rate
AEP North $3.57/mo 3.0078¢/kWh
Oncor Electric Delivery $3.42/mo 3.4928¢/kWh
CenterPoint $4.39/mo 3.2669¢/kWh
AEP Central $4.27/mo 3.7458¢/kWh
TNMP $7.85/mo 4.0403¢/kWh

Even though this is more of an estimation, using a general location tends to be the fastest way to understand which utility company services an exact address. Below are the Texas power grids, their coverage areas with larger cities, and the utility company outage information for each. Keep in mind that Chariot Energy only works on the ERCOT grid, since it is the one open to the retail energy market at this time.

Utility Companies (TDUs) in Texas by location
Power grid Texas zone Included cities Utility Company (TDU)
ERCOT North Central & South Central Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Waco Oncor Electric Delivery
Lewisville, Princeton, Gatesville, Pilot Point Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP)
Austin Austin Energy
San Antonio City Public Services (CPS) Energy
South Brownsville, Laredo AEP Texas
Gulf Coast Houston, Katy, Galveston CenterPoint Energy
Corpus Christi, Aransas Pass, Rockport, Victoria AEP Texas
League City, Texas City, Friendswood, Angleton Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP)
West Midland, Odessa, Big Spring Oncor Electric Delivery
Abilene, San Angelo, Del Rio AEP Texas
Fort Stockton, Sanderson, Pecos Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP)
SPP Texas panhandle Amarillo, Pampa, Canyon, Dumas Xcel Energy
Lubbock Lubbock Power & Light
Memphis, Wellington, Shamrock, Clarendon Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO)
Far east Texarkana, Longview, Marshall, Center Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO)
MISO East central Beaumont, The Woodlands, Huntsville, Port Arthur Entergy Texas
WECC Furthest west of Texas El Paso, Sierra Blanca, Van Horn El Paso Electric Co.

Chariot Energy rates

All of the plans that Chariot Energy offers to customers are on a fixed rate. The only exception is when a customer doesn't act when their Chariot plan is ending - in this case, the customer is shifted on a variable rate plan that is a "default" product by Chariot Energy.

Chariot Energy rates: Fixed electricity plans

A fixed rate is the ¢/kWh energy cost whose rated price does not change over term of the contract. Once the contract is finished, unless you renew it or terminate it, it will automatically switch to a variable rate plan.

Electricity customers looking for a fixed rate plan should choose a plan with a term of 12 months or longer. Electricity prices per kilowatt-hour change throughout the year, and you may actually lose money by not being able to take advantage of prices when they are low.

Chariot Energy plans in Texas: the GridEdge plan
Rate type Contract term (months) Features Base fee
Early termination fee
Fixed rate 12 lowest energy cost (of the 3 terms offered);
$90 billing credit if usage is
1000 kWh or more each billing cycle
$15/month remaining
15 highest energy cost (of the 3 terms offered);
$90 billing credit if usage is
1000 kWh or more each billing cycle
$15/month remaining
18 mid-range to high energy cost (of the 3 terms offered);
$90 billing credit if usage is
1000 kWh or more each billing cycle
$15/month remaining

Tip on fixed rates Locking in a fixed rate for longer periods may keep more cash in your account, since electricity prices tend to increase over time.

Chariot Energy plans in Texas: the Blaze plan
Rate type Contract term (months) Features Base fee
Early termination fee
Fixed rate 6 highest energy cost (of the plan terms offered);
same energy rate as the 9 and 12-month terms
$15/month remaining
9 higher energy cost (of the plan terms offered);
same energy rate as the 12-month term*
$15/month remaining
12 higher energy cost (of the plan terms offered);
same energy rate as the 9-month term*
$15/month remaining
15 higher to mid-level energy cost (of the plan terms offered);
slightly higher energy rate than the 18 and 24-month terms;
1000 kWh or more each billing cycle
$15/month remaining
18 mid-level energy cost (of the plan terms offered);
same energy rate as the 24-month term
$15/month remaining
24 mid-level energy cost (of the plan terms offered);
same energy rate as the 18-month term
$15/month remaining
36 lowest energy cost (of the plan terms offered) $0
$15/month remaining

*same rate in each TDU/TDSP service area - except AEP Texas Central (12-month term has a higher energy rate than the 9-month term).

Chariot Energy rates: Variable electricity plans

A variable rate is a rate whose price (in ¢/kWh) changes from month to month. A variable rate is at the discretion of the provider, or the provider can give rules on the variability of their rate.

Unlike most electric providers, Chariot Energy does not offer a variable rate plan to new customers. Chariot Energy customers that have met the end of their electricity plan term and have not chosen a new plan, will be rolled on to a variable-rate, month-to-month "default renewal product" plan.

Customers that want to leave a Chariot Energy plan early (more than 14 days prior to the contract end date) must be ready for the $15/month-remaining termination fee.

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Base fee charges in Chariot Energy electricity plans

Base fee charges (a monthly fee) are often applied to plans, or may kick-in when consumption drops under a certain level (often considered a minimum usage fee charge). Chariot Energy plans do not currently have a base fee charge, only the mandatory utility company's monthly "base" fee (between $3 and $8 per month, depending on the utility company).

All you need to know about an electricity plan Each retail electric provider (REP) in Texas gives the details on each plan they offer on the Electricity Facts Label (EFL).
Be sure to check out the EFL to understand how each plan's pricing works and if the usage pricing is right for your household!

Renewable "green" energy : Chariot Energy plans

green renewable energy

Chariot only offers 100% renewable energy plans. Although Chariot Energy is not able to see that the energy each household consumes is powered by renewable resources, Chariot does ensure the retirement of the necessary amount of renewable energy credits (RECs) in order to authenticate the green energy content in each plan.

Chariot Energy's goal is to support solar power but may, in some or all cases, choose to buy a fraction of the total energy needed from other renewable sources (like wind and hydro).

The renewable plans offered by Chariot Energy, like all electric providers, are intended to financially support the green energy market - and don't necessarily mean that the power used in each household is renewable.

Chariot Energy promo codes and promotions

Many retail electric providers offer promotions to get current customers to sway the people they know into joining their electricity plans. With the retail energy market becoming increasingly competitive, Chariot Energy is no stranger to the promo-codes and promotions game.

electricity plan save money

Chariot Energy promotions

Chariot Energy offers a great referral program called Refer-A-Friend. Customers will receive a $50 bill credit for getting family, friends, or acquaintances signed up for a Chariot Energy plan.

Chariot Energy promo codes

Tons of websites help Chariot Energy with providing promo codes to get "Up to 41-44% Off Other Big Brands", such as:

Chariot Energy reviews : Yelp, Google, and more

For a majority of 2020, Chariot Energy only received a handful of formal complaints and landed in spot #42 (out of 73 total REPs) of the Public Utilities Commission's "Most Received Consumer Complaints" list in Texas.

The leading review websites are currently giving Chariot Energy:


Chariot Energy customer service

Need to contact Chariot Energy to start service or ask customer service a billing question? Here are some ways to contact customer service:

Chariot customer service phone numbers in Texas
Reason: Phone number: Hours:
General customer service 1-855-5CHARIOT
Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm
Sat: 9am-1pm
Start new service 1-855-524-2746 Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm
Sat: 9am-1pm
Sign up for paperless billing 1-855-524-2746 Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm
Sat: 9am-1pm
Bill payment
(add'l fee of $4.95)
1-855-524-2746 Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm
Sat: 9am-1pm
Cancel service 1-855-524-2746 Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm
Sat: 9am-1pm

Chariot Energy login

Customers are provided an account management platform using the Chariot Energy login portal. Here, customers are able to:

  • Establish (or update) Auto Pay or make a quick online payment
  • View billing details
  • Sign up for paperless billing
  • Manage contact details, like email addresses or phone numbers
  • Review energy usage history
  • Create and manage Chariot Energy notifications
  • Sign up for My e-Account, by Chariot Energy, today!

Customers can also choose to send bill payments to the Chariot Energy mailing address:

Chariot Energy
2800 Post Oak Blvd.
Suite 4100
Houston, TX

Need financial assistance with paying utility bills?See what national and Texan Energy Assistance programs are available to help pay your electricity bill, the eligibility requirements, and how to apply!