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What is a retail electricity supplier?

You most likely buy your electricity from either a utility, or a retail electric provider. We're guessing that most of you are familiar with a utility--so how does a retail electric provider differ?

Retail electric providers--or from now on, just "providers" or "REP"--are phenomena of liberalized electricity markets, where supply and demand and price competition are king. An REP is a company in Texas that purchases electricity from producers on the wholesale market, and then resells it to you, the consumer. REPs don't own or maintain lines and infrastructure, and they don't actually manage the delivery of electricity to your home--that's the job of ERCOT and utility companies. REPs pay fees, known as transmission fees, to ERCOT or to the utilities to send electricity through their infrastructure.

An REP serves as the direct contact with its customers for electricity issues, and will be the company listed on their bill, and is responsible for responding to your complaints and concerns. Here at CallMePower, we work with select REPs to help you search and find the lowest rates and the plans that best match your needs.

See our corresponding pages for more information on your consumer rights, electricity prices, understanding your bill, and other frequently asked questions.


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