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Moving Out: How to End Electricity Service in Texas

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This article details how to terminate your electricity service when moving out in Texas.

Instructions depend on your Retail Energy Provider

The process for terminating your electricity service varies according to your Retail Energy Provider. Select your REP from the list of Texas REPs to learn more.

Contacting Your Retail Energy Provider

No matter which Retail Energy Provider you are with, you will need to call in advance to terminate your electricity service. Most companies need around 3 to 5 business days advance notice in order to turn off your electricity in time for your move. This helps you to avoid being charged for extra days.

Your REP will need information to close your account, including things like:

  • Name
  • Account number
  • Move out date

You may be charged a termination fee if you are ending the contract before the agreed period. Be sure to look at your REP plan’s terms & conditions to know whether you’ll be charged or not.

Transferring Service

If you are moving to another home within the same utility company's service area and REP service area, you can normally cancel current service and start up new service during the same call through an account transfer. You should call your REP’s customer service line as soon as possible, although most companies require around 5 to 7 business days to start new account service.

You will need to provide information to transfer service, usually including things like:

  • REP Account number
  • Move out date
  • New address and move-in date

Starting Electricity and Gas Service in Your New Home

If you are moving to another home in Texas, whether in your current utility's service area or REP service area or not, you can read more about the process for starting new electricity service.

Terminating REP and Utility Service

Texas electricity markets are deregulated, which means that utilities (which physically deliver electricity to your home) and providers (which purchase the electricity on wholesale markets and supply you with retail offers) are separate companies. Nevertheless, not all of Texas is deregulated. Some parts of Texas are serviced by co-ops or municipalities, which do not benefit from the deregulation laws, and therefore delivery and supply are both performed by the utility companies. If you are served by one of the five investor-owned utility companies of Texas (AEP Texas, CenterPoint Energy, Oncor, Sharyland Utilities and Texas-New Mexico Power), you must choose a Retail Energy Provider, and go through it to set up your electricity plan.

If you have electricity supply with an REP, you do not need to take any extra steps with your utility company to cancel your service when moving out, only with your REP.