HILCO Electric Coop, Inc.

HILCO Electric Coop, Inc. is a power distribution company in USA. The registered office is located in :

115 East Main Street
76055 Itasca

HILCO Electric Coop, Inc. fax: 254-687-2428

Activate your account with HILCO Electric Coop, Inc.

You are moving and wish to activate your account with HILCO Electric Coop, Inc.? It’s simple. Call HILCO Electric Coop, Inc. by dialing and give :

  • Your exact address (apt. no., street no., street name, city/town, zipcode).
  • Your name.
  • Date of required activation.

Speak with a customer service agent

Do you have a question related to a commercial issue? Call the HILCO Electric Coop, Inc. customer service by dialing . They can help you with questions such as you bill, rates, or the terms of your contract.

Phone number: 254-687-2331

Pay your bill

When you activate your line and create an account in your name, HILCO Electric Coop, Inc. may ask you to pay your bills by several options:

  • By automatic account transfer.
  • Check sent by mail.
  • Credit or debit card by telephone.
  • Cash or card at an authorized payment office.
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