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Moving Out: How to Terminate Electricity Service with AEP Texas

Ending your AEP Texas Service

If you are moving to a new home outside of the AEP Texas service territory, you will need to end your electricity. Nevertheless, you are not required to call AEP Texas to do this. You must only call your retail energy provider (REP).

You should directly reach your REP's customer service. Check our list of Texas retail energy providers.

During your call to your REP you will need to provide the following information to close your electricity account:

  • The account number you have with the REP
  • Address
  • Expected move-out date

If your move-out date changes, be sure to contact your REP before your original move-out date, to ensure you do not miss out on service.

You will need to contact your new electricity provider to start service before moving into your new home. Visit our page on moving & electricity service for specifics on how to start service in Texas.

Transferring your energy service

If you are moving into a new home in an AEP Texas territory, congratulations! You might be able to remain on the same electricity deal with your REP, and simply change the address of service. This will depend on your retail energy provider (REP). It can take up to 7 days to start up service in your new address, so be sure to call at least a week in advance. Read more about signing up for a new AEP Texas account.

When you call your REP to transfer your electricity service, you will need to provide the following information:

  • The account number you have with the REP
  • Current address and move-out date
  • Future address and move-in date
  • Any updated account information

Cancelling your energy service

When cancelling service, you do not need to take any steps with AEP Texas. AEP Texas will automatically terminate your service when you shut your account with your Retail Energy Supplier. However, there may be a termination fee to close your account before the end of your contract period. Be sure that you look at your REP's terms and conditions to know whether there will be a fee or not.

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