Taylor Electric : Power service in Abilene, TX & surrounding area

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Taylor Electric Coop, Inc. is a power distribution company in Abilene, Texas and also services surrounding communities, including: Merkel, Clyde, and Baird, Texas. Scroll (or swipe) down to check out the Taylor Electric power outage map, how to contact Taylor Electric customer service, and bill pay methods.

Taylor Electric outage : outage map and report a power outage

If your power goes off, contact Taylor Electric Coop to report a power outage and check the status of an outage.

Taylor Electric Coop outage map & power outage contact
Incident Contact at: Available
Downed power line 9-1-1, then
Taylor Electric Coop outage map Power outage map 24/7
Report an outage 1-325-793-8500 24/7
Check outage status Taylor Electric Coop
"Predicted" restoration time
Report street light outage 1-325-793-8500 24/7

Start service with Taylor Electric Coop, Inc.

Moving to the Abilene area and need to set up service with Taylor Electric Coop, Inc.? It’s simple. Start by filling out the Taylor Electric online form (questions? call 1-325-793-8500):

  • Your exact address (apt. no., street no., street name, city/town, zipcode).
  • Your personal details (name, SSN, DL no, D.O.B., contact info)
  • Service start date

Moving from the Taylor Electric service area to another part of Texas? A majority of Texas residents live in deregulated electric zones where the competition between +70 electric providers enables the power to choose from electricity plans that offer 100% renewable energy, rate type options, or even annual freezes on summer rates!
Call Center opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Customer service and Taylor Electric login portal

Taylor Electric Coop has been providing service to the area for over 80 years. Residents falling within the Taylor Electric Coop service area are supplied Taylor Electric Coop electricity by default.

Taylor Electric Coop customer service : phone numbers

Taylor Electric Coop customer service is ready to assist residents! Just dial the Taylor Electric all-in-one number: 1-325-793-8500. They can help you with questions about billing, rates, or the terms of service.

Taylor Electric Coop numbers: Quick contact for customer service
Reason: Phone number: Hours:
Start, stop, or transfer
1-325-793-8500 Mon-Fri: 7:30am-5:30pm
Residential customer service 1-325-793-8500 Mon-Fri: 7:30am-5:30pm
Taylor Electric fax 1-325-795-8120 24/7

Customer portal : Taylor Electric Coop login

Many Taylor Electric Coop customer service features are available online, through your Taylor Electric Coop login. Take advantage of the Taylor Electric Coop login, in order to:

  • View, update, and manage your account information anytime, anywhere
  • Use the online bill pay feature
  • View current bill and billing history
  • Understand household energy use
  • Sign up for paperless billing

Taylor Electric : Pay bill

pay utility bill

To pay a Taylor Electric Coop bill through the mail, send your check or money order (with your bill) to the following address (no cash payments accepted):

Taylor Electric Coop, Inc.
PO Box 250
Merkel, TX

Taylor Electric Cooperative : Office locations

Taylor Electric has two office locations for customers (call before travelling to ensure location is open):


Taylor Electric Coop HQ
226 County Road 287
Merkel, TX


Taylor Electric
7966 Highway 83
Abilene, TX
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