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Pulse Power LLC is a retail electric provider that is based in The Woodlands (near Houston) and offers electric plans exclusively to Texas residents and businesses. Pulse Power Texas is a late bloomer - opening up energy services in 2018 to join the collection of retail electric providers in Texas. Scroll (or swipe) down for details on the Pulse Power energy plans available, Pulse Power reviews by customers, and ways to contact Pulse Power Texas customer service. Find out what the Pulse Power login has to offer and the ways available to pay a Pulse Power bill.

Pulse Power : Electric provider & service area in Texas

Pulse Power was founded in Texas in 2018 and set into operation four additional electric provider business names: Energy to Go, Lone Star Energy, New Power Texas, and PowerNext.

Each business name has its own website, with a consistent layout and design shared between them all. The most notable differences: electric plan pricing. On the 5 similar websites, all plans come with a standard $4.95 base fee per month and a 12-, 24, or 36-month plan to choose from (with exception to Energy to Go which offers a 6- and 12- month plan). Pulse Power's least expensive electric plans tend to be with New Power and PowerNext.

Pulse Power Texas supplies fixed rate plans that either use a portion of or fully support the renewable energy market, across all deregulated service areas.

Texas residential and commercial consumers can sign-up with a Pulse Power energy plan who live within the deregulated electric utility company service areas, which include:

 Oncor Electric Delivery
 CenterPoint Energy
 AEP Texas (North & Central)
 Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP)

The "delivery fees" that are charged by each utility company are passed through (without mark-up) to Pulse Power customers - a standard practice for retail electric providers. The current utility company rates are:

Utility company tariffs in Texas : MARCH 30 2021
TDU TDU monthly base fee TDU ¢/kWh energy rate
AEP North $3.57/mo 3.0078¢/kWh
Oncor Electric Delivery $3.42/mo 3.4928¢/kWh
CenterPoint $4.39/mo 3.2669¢/kWh
AEP Central $4.27/mo 3.7458¢/kWh
TNMP $7.85/mo 4.0403¢/kWh

Pulse Power is very consistent at offering a standard selection of Pulse Power energy plans across Texas. For example, Pulse Power in Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth will have very similar electric plan products as Pulse Power in McAllen, Corpus Christi, and Brownsville.

What does Texas think? : Check out the Pulse Power reviews on Yelp, BBB and more

The statistical record of formal complaints filed by consumers against electric providers is managed by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) of Texas. Over the last 6 months, Pulse Power ranks as #12 on the list of the most formal complaints received against retail electric providers in Texas out of the 70+ REPs registered.

While some customers value the simplicity of Pulse Power electric plans offered and their competitive rates, a majority of unsatisfied customers have found an issue with "Billing" and "Discontinuation of Service" (electricity disconnection). Even though Pulse Power's billing department has received the most complaints out of all categories, the "Discont. of Service" has received 30% of all complaints filed, Pulse Power LLC nearly triples the industry average on the specific complaint "Discont. of Service"!

Did you know...!? In Texas, 10.5% of complaints that are filed are specifically about "Discont. of Service"!
Researching your next electric provider? Stay informed and check out the PUCT's Customer Complaint Statistics page before signing up with a provider.

There are Pulse Power reviews in several forums but the leading websites are currently giving Pulse Power:

Pulse Power reviews : Yelp, BBB and more
Forum Overall rating Source
Pulse Power
Yelp reviews
Better Business Bureau
Pulse Power
BBB reviews rating
Google Reviews
Pulse Power reviews
on Google
Pulse Power reviews

Pulse Power login : Account management for customers

Pulse Power customers are offered an account management portal using the My Account, Pulse Power login platform. In My Account, customers are able to:

  • Set up (or update) AutoPay payment information
  • Make a one-time payment
  • View billing history
  • Change preferences and contact information
  • View weekly & monthly energy usage
  • Contact Pulse Power customer service

If you're currently a Pulse Power customer and have your Pulse Power account number ready (along with your email address and billing zip code), register with Pulse Power My Account to have access to all the above features!

Pulse Power pay bill : AutoPay, bill pay number, one-time payment with Quick Pay

Apart from the convenience of Autopay (set up through the Pulse Power login portal), Pulse Power offers customers a couple of ways to make a bill payment. Here are the other ways to get your Pulse Power bill paid:

Pulse Power bill pay : Texas
Bill pay method Source/Contact Availability
Bill pay phone number 1-833-785-7797 Mon-Fri : 8am-7pm
Online: Pulse Power login Pulse Power : My Account 24/7
Online: Pulse Power
Without logging in: Quick Pay
Pulse Power : Quick Pay 24/7
Pulse Power
bill payment locations
currently unavailable -
Mail bill payment to :
Pulse Power LLC
P.O Box 734377
Dallas, TX 75373-4377
Send at least 5 business days
before bill due date

Pulse Power energy plans & rates

All retail electric utility service areas in Texas are covered by Pulse Power plans, with an identical product offering across all deregulated utility companies. Check out what's offered across the utility service areas in Texas, below:

Pulse Power electric plans offered in Texas
Oncor Electric Delivery
CenterPoint Energy
AEP Texas Central
AEP Texas North
Texas-New Mexico Power
The Pulse Power Feature Package - 12
The Pulse Power Texas Fixed - 12, 24, and 36

Fixed plans : Pulse Power rates

 ALL Pulse Power plans

Pulse Power plans, with fixed rates, do not change over the contract term. However, the utility company's rate is subject to change between 2 to 3 times per year. So the fixed rate is actually fixed but only to a certain extent.

Fixed rate plans are generally a safe bet if you are able to lock-in a good rate at the right time of year. Once the fixed rate contract is finished, unless renewed or terminated, customers are automatically switched to a variable rate on the "Variable Rate Product"- a standard practice by most (if not, all) electric providers.

Electricity customers should choose a fixed rate contract of at least 12 months. Electricity prices per kilowatt-hour change throughout the year, and you may actually miss out on great pricing when energy rates are low. Since electricity rates tend to increase over time, sticking with fixed rates for longer periods may prove to be financially advantageous.

Some electric providers design (and offer) an all-costs-involved electric plan that essentially combines the supply & delivery charges (provider and utility fees) into a single-charge plan. Pulse Power, unfortunately, does not currently offer this type of plan.

Pulse Power cancelation : Early termination fees If considering Pulse Power as your next electric provider, it's worth being aware of the "Early Termination Fee" that is attached to all fixed rate electric plans.
$20 per month remaining in the contract term
plus, up to a $50 fee if getting out of the 100% renewable energy plan, the "Feature Package"

Variable rates : Pulse Power plans

 Pulse Power does not currently offer variable rate plans

A variable rate is an energy price (in ¢/kWh) that will likely change each month. A variable rate can be at the discretion of the electric providers that offer such plans, or they can set rules on the rate's variability - for instance, the variable energy rate changes alongside the wholesale price of energy.

Technically, the only variable rate plan that Pulse Power has is their "month-to-month plan" for when a fixed-rate plan ends and no action is taken by the customer to change to a different plan or provider.

The BEST thing about a variable rate plan is the ability to leave the plan and/or provider at any time without having to pay an "Early Cancellation Fee". Since providers are aware of variable rate-plan freedom, the energy price given in a variable rate plan is almost always higher than any fixed rate plan that the same provider will offer.

Renewable energy : Pulse Power plans

 The Pulse Power Feature Package 12

Pulse Power only offers this green energy plan. As with most renewable energy plans that providers offer, this plan doesn't promise that your home will be powered using green energy. Instead, Pulse Power will buy and retire Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to offset the specified percentage of customers' anticipated electricity consumption. Essentially, this financially supports the renewable energy industry.

The non-renewable energy plans offered by Pulse Power source 19% renewable content, which come slightly under the Texas average of 21%.

Pulse Power plans : Minimum usage fees

 Pulse Power does not currently offer plans containing minimum usage fees

Plans, which contain a minimum usage fee, require customers to consume a minimum level of energy in order to get out of having to pay this fee.

Generally, plans that have a minimum usage fee tend to not favor energy-conserving consumers or smaller households. Pulse Power can be considered a friend to households looking to conserve energy consumption.

Besides the standard energy rate, any other "supply fee" (what electric providers charge their customers) is optionally imposed on customers. Many providers choose to charge customers these frivolous fees so as to discourage trying to save money by using less energy.

Usage credits with Pulse Power

 Pulse Power does not use issue billing usage credits in their plans

Big providers like Reliant Energy, TXU Energy, and Ambit Energy, use billing credits to promote higher levels of energy consumption of over a certain amount. Fortunately, with Pulse Power, customers can be more conservative with energy consumption and will be billed a proportional amount for the reduced kWh use - Makes sense!

Similar to the minimum usage fee strategy, the plans that contain the billing-credit feature are targeted to benefit households that have an average-to-high monthly energy usage. The hassle with plans that implement additional charges or credits based on monthly energy consumption, is that customers on such plans should monitor monthly usage to get their best-priced, final monthly bill.

Base Charges with Pulse Power : On ALL plans offered

 ALL Pulse Power plans

All Pulse Power plans contain a base charge fee. The base fee / base charge is another optional charge that providers often choose to impose on customers. In Pulse Power's plans, regardless of how much energy is consumed in a billing cycle, customers will be charged an additional $4.95 per billing cycle.

Some other electric providers -like TXU Energy and Reliant Energy- also charge base fees on their plans. There are, however, many electric providers (like Varsity Energy!) that do not add this charge.

Pulse Power electric Prepaid plans

 Pulse Power does not currently offer prepaid electric plans

Prepaid plans work exactly as they're called: Customers pay before consuming electricity and must keep a positive balance on their account in order to keep the lights on.

Prepaid plans are GREAT since nearly all don't require a deposit to start up ( = no credit check!) or have long-term commitments.

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Pulse Power outage? : Pulse Power numbers for customer service in Texas

Pulse Power power outage : Phone numbers As a provider, Pulse Power essentially only handles billing, new customer set ups, and transferring or ending service for current customers. In the event of an outage, customers must contact the utility company that services the area (since they are responsible for maintaining and repairing the electrical infrastructure) instead of Pulse Power. Find out "Which utility company is mine?" if your power goes out or, if you already know, use the respective power outage number to report it:

 Oncor power outage: 1-888-313-4747
 CenterPoint power outage: 1-800-332-7143
 TNMP power outage: 1-888-866-7456
 AEP Texas power outage (North & Central): 1-866-223-8508

Need to contact Pulse Power customer service to set up service or ask a billing question? Here are a few Pulse Power phone numbers to contact:

Pulse Power numbers : Customer service in Texas
Department/Reason Phone Number Hours
Customer Service
English y español
1-833-785-7797 Mon-Fri : 8am-7pm
NEW Service : Set up
English y español
1-833-785-7797 Mon-Fri : 8am-7pm
Bill pay phone number 1-833-785-7797 Mon-Fri : 8am-7pm
Rescind / Cancel a Contract
3 federal business day limit
after receipt of TOS
1-833-785-7797 Mon-Fri : 8am-7pm
Pulse Power power outage:
AEP Texas:
Contact for utility company:

Alternative ways for Texas customers to contact Pulse Power customer service :

  • Email Pulse Power customer service : [email protected]
  • Mail a letter to the Pulse Power address :
    Pulse Power LLC
    10200 Grogans Mill Rd, Ste. 150
    The Woodlands, Texas 77380
  • Send a Pulse Power fax to : 1-713-583-1183