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Gexa Energy is one of over 70 retail electric providers in Texas that has provided electric service to Texas customers since the market deregulated in 2002. Gexa Energy is a second-tier (granddaughter) subsidiary of NextEra Energy (based in Florida) and provides electric service to homes and businesses across Texas. Gexa Energy has an especially huge presence in cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston (based). Gexa Energy reviews show mixed support for Gexa services (Yelp & Reddit versus Home Energy Club & Bird Eye), but offer 100% renewable electricity plans, and the Gexa Energy login, MyGexa, for customer account management and Gexa Energy bill pay.

Gexa Energy : Texas

Gexa Energy in Texas offers 2 plans for new residential customers, which only include fixed rates (no variable rates or indexed rates). Gexa Energy offers very competitively priced electricity plans for new customers (albeit, short term plans). In a very competitive retail energy market, current Gexa Energy customers should still shop around when their plan ends since several negative online reviews mention higher electricity rates when plan renewal takes place.

Gexa Energy plans in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and most cities across Texas

Across the 5 retail utility companies in Texas, Gexa Energy in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and across the rest of Texas, offers new customers the 100% renewable energy electricity plans:

  • Gexa Choice Green 3 and 12
  • Gexa Choice Secure 3, 5 and 6

All Gexa Energy plans come with a 60-day trial period. So if customers don't like the plan, Gexa Energy will allow a one-time switch to a different Gexa Energy plan, free of charge. The change will restart the contract term to the new contract's term length.

It's also worth noting that customers that want to terminate their Gexa Energy plan early (after the 60-day window or after having already changed minds and switched to a different plan) will have to pay a $150 cancellation fee.

Fixed vs Variable rates : Gexa Energy plans

A fixed rate does not change over the whole period of the contract, meaning that for the length of the contract (3, 6, 12, or 24 months) the price you pay for electricity in ¢/kWh does not change. With Texas prices fairly volatile, it's recommended choosing a fixed rate contract of (at least) 12 months, though this depends on how high or low prices are at the time of shopping for electricity.

As electricity prices per kilowatt-hour fluctuate throughout the year, and you may actually lose money by not being able to take advantage of prices when they are low. However, because electricity prices tend to increase over time, locking in fixed rates for longer periods may save some cash.

Gexa Energy does not appear to offer new customers a plan with a variable rate (generally seen in standard month-to-month plans). Instead, Gexa Energy accommodates short-term consumers with contracts containing a minimum, 3-month term.

Take advantage of a variable rate plan with the perfect electric provider! In general, variable rates are not recommendable as most customers report negative experiences with them. With prices not guaranteed or "locked-in" after the first month, variable rates can be unpredictable. There are, however, electric providers that offer a 60-day rate increase notification with a penalty-free contract cancellation.
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Base Charges/Minimum Usage Fees

Base charges are flat charges that are charged every month regardless of the amount of power consumed. Minimum usage fees kick in when customer consumption is below a certain minimum monthly threshold. Depending on the plan, Gexa Energy charges a $9.95 monthly service fee for consumption under 1,000 kWh/month, or a $25 credit on consumption over 1,001 kWh/month.

Green Energy Plans

Gexa Energy only offers 100% green energy plans, where Gexa buys renewable energy credits from green energy producing companies. The electricity that is used in consumer households is not necessarily generated by a renewable resource - it's more that the money paid to Gexa Energy goes to support and finance renewable energy companies.

Gexa Energy customer service : Gexa Energy phone number

Gexa Energy provides a few ways to contact their customer service departments:

Gexa Energy customer service contact
Method Contact Availability
Call 1-713-961-9399
M-F: 7am-8pm
Sat: 8am-2pm
Gexa Energy login MyGexa account login 24/7
Online email form Gexa Energy's
"Contact Us"
Fax 1-713-961-7997
M-F: 7am-8pm
Sat: 8am-2pm

Gexa Energy customer service is closed on 01/01, 07/04, Thanksgiving, and 12/25

Need financial assistance with paying utility bills?See what national and Texan Energy Assistance programs are available to help pay your electricity bill, the eligibility requirements, and how to apply!

Gexa Energy reviews

Even though Gexa Energy was rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, Gexa Energy's standing on the Public Utility Commission of Texas list of Consumer Complaints as the number 1, most complained-against retail electric provider is a major cause for concern. Looking into complaint detail of the 230+ formal complaints files since June 2020:

  • 59% - Billing issues
  • 20% - Discont. Service
  • 16% - Provision of Service
  • 4% - Slamming (changing provider without permission)
  • 1% - other

The leading websites are currently giving Gexa Energy reviews:

Gexa Energy reviews Yelp, Reddit, Google, and more
Site Overall rating Source
Google reviews 4.3 / 5
(fall 2020)
Gexa Energy reviews
on Google
Better Business Bureau 4.5 / 5 BBB's Gexa Energy
reviews rating
Reddit 2.1 / 5 (42% Upvoted)
(1 year ago)
Gexa Energy reviews
Reddit conversation
Yelp 1.5 / 5
(summer 2020)
Gexa Energy
reviews Yelp
TexasElectricityRatings.com 2.1 / 5
(summer/fall 2020)
Gexa Energy reviews
Home Energy Club 4.5 / 5
(fall/winter 2020)
Home Energy Club Gexa Energy
reviews rating
Bird Eye 4.9 / 5
(fall 2020)
Bird Eye's Gexa Energy
reviews rating
Pissed Consumer 1.7 / 5
(fall 2020)
Gexa Energy reviews
on Pissed Consumer

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Gexa Energy : Corporate contact

Gexa Energy Corporate contact details
Method Contact Availability
Call 1-713-470-0400
M-F: 7am-8pm
Sat: 8am-2pm
Gexa Energy
20455 State Highway 249, Suite 200
Houston, Texas 77070
Fax 1-866-648-4392
M-F: 7am-8pm
Sat: 8am-2pm

Gexa Energy office is closed on 01/01, 07/04, Thanksgiving, and 12/25