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Looking for MORE out of an energy provider & plan ?

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Amigo Energy, based in Houston, competes as an electric provider against the 70+ other retail electric providers in Texas. A subsidiary of Just Energy, Amigo Energy offers a decent range of electric plans for residents and small businesses to choose from. Scroll (or swipe) down to find out the Amigo Energy plans available, Amigo Energy reviews in Texas, and ways to contact Amigo Energy customer service. For prospective (or current) customers, check out what the Amigo Energy login (My Amigo) and the Amigo Energy app have to offer and ways to make a Amigo Energy bill payment.

Amigo Energy : Electric provider & Texas service area

The Fulcrum Retail Holdings "family", which includes Amigo Energy and its sibling providers, Tara Energy & Smart Prepaid Electric, was acquired by Just Energy in 2011.

Amigo Energy provides electric service across all deregulated service areas in Texas, and offers fixed & variable-rate plans with a limited range of contract lengths. The company does not offer 100% renewable energy-supporting plans nor engage in flashy promotions (free nights/weekends or free electronics). Some consumers might find their plan range limited, while others might be happy with the simplicity and straightforwardness of the options available.

Texas residents can sign-up with a Amigo Energy plan who live within the deregulated electric utility company service areas, which includes:
 Oncor Electric Delivery
 CenterPoint Energy
 AEP Texas (North & Central)
 Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP)

The "delivery fees" that are charged by each utility company are passed through (without a price mark-up) to Amigo Energy customers - a standard practice for electric providers. The current utility company rates are:

Utility company tariffs in Texas : MARCH 30 2021
TDU TDU monthly base fee TDU ¢/kWh energy rate
AEP North $3.57/mo 3.0078¢/kWh
Oncor Electric Delivery $3.42/mo 3.4928¢/kWh
CenterPoint $4.39/mo 3.2669¢/kWh
AEP Central $4.27/mo 3.7458¢/kWh
TNMP $7.85/mo 4.0403¢/kWh

Amigo Energy does a great job at making sure the Amigo Energy plan offering is consistent throughout the entire Lone Star state. For example, Amigo Energy in Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth will have very similar electric plan products as Amigo Energy in San Angelo, Corpus Christi, and League City.

Amigo Energy login, My Amigo App : Easy account management for customers

Amigo Energy customers are provided an account management tool using the My Amigo Energy login platform. In the portal, customers are able to:

  • Set up (or update) Auto Pay for more efficient, on-time monthly payments
  • Make on one-time bill payment ("Guest" payment)
  • View current electric plan details
  • Manage contact details, like email addresses or phone numbers

If you're currently a Amigo Energy customer and have your Amigo Energy account number ready (along with your email address and billing zip code), register for a Amigo Energy account to have on-the-go access anytime, anywhere!

The Amigo Energy app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, providing more or less the same benefits to desktop access:

  • Make a bill payment & view payment history
  • View monthly energy usage
  • View account holder information
  • Set up bill alerts to know when an electric bill is ready
  • Set up "payment received" notifications to ensure bill payments have been processed/posted

Amigo Energy bill pay : Ways to pay bills with Amigo Energy

Apart from the convenience of Autopay (set up through the "My Amigo" portal), Amigo Energy offers customers a couple of ways to make a bill payment. Here are the other ways to get your Amigo Energy bill paid:

Amigo Energy bill pay : Texas
Bill pay method Source/Contact Availability
Bill payment phone number 1-888-287-8927 24/7
Online: My Amigo portal My Amigo 24/7
Online: One-time payment
Pay as Guest
"Guest" access 24/7
Mobile, My Amigo Energy App Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Bill payment in-person locations Fidelity Express
Barri Financial Group
depends on locale
Mail bill payment
Amigo Energy
P.O. Box 301410
Dallas, TX 75303-1410
Send at least 5 business days
before bill due date

Amigo Energy plans & rates

All retail electric utility service areas in Texas are covered by Amigo Energy plans, with the same product offering across all deregulated utility companies.

Amigo Energy plan offering across Texas
Oncor Electric Delivery
CenterPoint Energy
AEP Texas Central
AEP Texas North
Texas-New Mexico Power
Base Saver III (12 mo.)
Basics (24 mo.)
Truly Fixed Plan (24 & 36 mo.)
Weekends Free Plan (12 & 24 mo.)
Nights Free Plan (12 mo.)
12th Month Free Plan (12 mo.)

Fixed rates on Amigo Energy plans

 The Amigo Energy Base Saver III 12-month plan
 The Amigo Energy Basics 24-month plan
 The Amigo Energy Truly Fixed 24- & 36-month plan
 The Amigo Energy Weekends Free 12- & 24-month plan
 The Amigo Energy Nights Free 12-month plan
 The Amigo Energy 12th Month Free 12-month plan

Amigo Energy plans with fixed rates do not change over the contract term. The utility company's rate, however, is subject to change, and does so 2 to 3 times each year. So the "fixed" rate is fixed ... to a degree.

Some electric providers design (and offer) an all-costs-involved electric plan that essentially absorbs the supply and delivery charges (provider and utility fees) into a single-charge plan. Amigo Energy does this with the "Truly Fixed" Plan, albeit with a caveat that more than 1000kWh is used each month or a $9.95 minimum usage fee will be incurred.

Fixed rate plans can often be a good idea if you are able to lock-in a good rate at the right time of year. Once the fixed rate contract is finished, unless renewed or terminated, customers are automatically switched to a variable rate on the "Default Renewal Product"- a typical action taken by any electric provider.

Electricity customers should choose a fixed rate contract of at least 12 months. Electricity prices per kilowatt-hour change throughout the year, and you may actually miss out on pricing when energy rates are low. However, because electricity rates tend to increase over time, sticking with fixed rates for longer periods may prove to be financially advantageous.

Amigo Energy : Early cancellation fees If deciding to become an Amigo Energy customer, it's worth keeping in mind the flat, "Early Termination Fee" that is attached to the fixed rate electric plans.
12- to 36-month contract : $175

Variable rates on Amigo Energy plans

 Amigo Energy variable rate plans are currently not offered

A variable rate is a rate whose price (in ¢/kWh) may change each month. A variable rate can be at the discretion of Amigo Energy, or they can give rules on the rate's variability - for example, the customers' energy rate changes alongside the wholesale price of energy.

The only other variable rate plan that Amigo Energy has is their Default Rate Product (for when a fixed-rate plan ends and no action is taken by the customer to change to a different plan or provider).

The advantage of opting for a variable rate plan is the ability to leave the plan and/or provider at any time without having to pay an "Early Cancellation Fee". Since providers are aware of variable rate-plan freedom, the energy price given in a variable rate plan is almost always higher than any fixed rate plan that the same provider will offer.

Renewable energy : Amigo Energy plans

 Amigo Energy plans may be optionally supplemented with JustGreen

Amigo Energy does not offer a specific plan to fully support the renewable energy market. Instead, Amigo Energy gives the option to "subscribe" to their JustGreen offer: $4.99/mo or $9.99/mo. The JustGreen option allows Amigo Energy to use either 50% or 100% (according to price paid, respectively) of billed funds to be used to purchase renewable energy certificates.

The non-renewable energy plans offered by Amigo Energy only source 12.1% renewable content, which is substantially below the Texas average of 21%.

Amigo Energy plans : Minimum usage fees

 The Amigo Energy Truly Fixed plan

The "Truly Fixed" plan comes with an annoying minimum usage fee of $9.95 per billing period if billed usage is less than 1000 kWh.

Generally, plans that have a minimum usage fee tend to not favor energy-conserving consumers or smaller households.

Besides the standard energy rate, any other "supply fee" (what electric providers charge their customers) is optionally imposed on customers. Many providers choose to charge customers these frivolous fees so as to discourage trying to save money by using less energy.

Usage credits with Amigo Energy

 The Amigo Energy Base Saver III plan

Amigo Energy, similar to big providers like Reliant Energy, TXU Energy, and Ambit Energy, use billing credits to promote higher levels of energy consumption of over a certain amount. The billing credit on the Base Saver III plan (above) is added when monthly energy consumption crosses over 1000kWh (a $75 credit).

The Base Saver III plan comes with a substantially high energy rate. The best energy usage to be billed each month would be at or above the 1000kWh mark, but not too much over since the energy rate will really add up!

Similar to the minimum usage fee strategy, the plans that contain the billing-credit feature are targeted to benefit households that have an average-to-high monthly energy usage. The hassle with plans that implement additional charges or credits based on monthly energy consumption, is that customers on such plans should monitor monthly usage to get their best-priced, final monthly bill.

Base Charges with Amigo Energy

 The Amigo Energy Weekends Free plan : $4.95 each billing cycle
 The Amigo Energy Nights Free plan : $4.95 each billing cycle

The Weekends and Nights Free plans offered by Amigo Energy each contain a base charge fee. The base fee / base charge is another optional charge that providers often choose to impose on customers. Some other electric providers -like TXU Energy and Reliant Energy- also charge base fees on their plans, but there are many electric providers (like Varsity Energy!) that do not add the charge.

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What do Texans think? : Amigo Energy reviews

According to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) of Texas, the total number of Amigo Energy complaints filed (and its co-doing-businesses-as names: Tara Energy / Tara Power) brought the group to #20 on the list of the most formal complaints received against retail electric providers in Texas out of the 76 REPs registered.

While some customers appreciate Amigo Energy's electric plan offering and competitive rates, many unsatisfied customers have found a particular issue with billing practices. In fact, 66% of all formal complaints filed with the PUC have targeted Amigo Energy's billing issues (a slight, 2% over the industry average).

There are Amigo Energy reviews across many forums, but the leading websites are currently giving Amigo Energy:

Amigo Energy reviews (Houston) : Google, Yelp and more
Forum Overall rating Source
Google Reviews
Amigo Energy reviews
on Google
Amigo Energy Houston
Yelp reviews
Amigo Energy reviews
Amigo Energy Houston
ComplaintsBoard reviews rating

Experiencing an Amigo Energy power outage? : Amigo Energy customer service phone numbers (atención al cliente)

Amigo Energy power outage : Phone numbers Amigo Energy really only handles billing, new customer set ups, and transferring or ending service. In the event of an outage, customers need to contact the utility company that services the area (since they are responsible for maintaining and repairing the electrical infrastructure) instead of the electric provider (Amigo Energy). Find out "Which utility company is mine?" if your power goes out or, if you already know, use the power outage number (listed below) to report it:
 Oncor power outage: 1-888-313-4747
 CenterPoint power outage: 1-800-332-7143
 TNMP power outage: 1-888-866-7456
 AEP Texas power outage (North & Central): 1-866-223-8508

Need to contact Amigo Energy to start service or ask a billing question or setup service? Here are a few Amigo Energy phone numbers to contact customer service:

Amigo Energy phone numbers : Texas customer service (atención al cliente)
Department/Reason Phone Number Hours
Texas Residential
customer service
English y español
1-888-469-2644 M-F: 8am-7pm
Sat: 9am-6pm
NEW Residential set up
customer service
English y español
1-888-331-8871 M-F: 8am-7pm
Sat: 9am-6pm
Bill payment
Using ProntoPay
Amigo Energy Visa® or Mastercard® only
(a $5 fee may be charged!)
Cancellation Fee
1-88-548-7690 M-F: 8am-7pm
Sat: 9am-6pm
Amigo Energy Commercial
customer service
1-888-590-4039 M-F: 9am-5pm
NEW Commercial set up
customer service
1-888-354-2236 M-F: 9am-5pm
Amigo Energy power outage:
AEP Texas:
Contact for utility company

Alternative ways to contact Amigo Energy customer service in Texas :

  • Email Amigo Energy customer service : [email protected]
  • By fax : 1-832-201-0541
  • Send a letter to :
    Amigo Energy
    P.O. Box 3607
    Houston, TX 77253-3607

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