Talen Energy Reviews


We have decided to rate Talen Energy 3 stars.

Our Take

Talen Energy's average electricity prices are lower than the average electricity price offered by other suppliers, although they are not the lowest. They have received little or no complaints since their existence on June 1, 2015. We think Talen Energy is a good option for some consumers, although waiting times on the phone are long.


Talen Energy generally offers competitive prices, with rates in line with other companies' offerings. However, they are not the most competitive supplier. In addition, pricing can vary according to where you live. Call us at 1 (347) 410-8789 and tell us your zip code to get competing offers and find the lowest prices and best plans for you.

  • Good prices

Variable Rates We generally don't encourage customers to choose variable rate plans, because the advertised price is often for the first month only, and prices can rise unexpectedly in later months. Unless you have a specific reason to need a very short term plan with no early termination fee, it is better to lock in your rate with a fixed-term contract.

Customer Service

Customer experiences with Talen Energy are overall positive. It is nevertheless difficult at this stage to gather information on Talen Energy's customer service quality, as they are a rather new company.

  • Waiting times are long.

Contract Conditions

We like that Talen Energy offers relatively transparent Terms & Conditions, though they could be clearer. You might want to be aware of the following:

  • Reasonable early termination fees
  • Contract is unclear whether early termination fee apply if you move and provide proof
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