Electricity and natural gas price comparison in Delaware

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Delaware opened electricity markets to competition starting in 1999. Do you have the power of choice? Find out how to start service in your name and choose the best supplier for your electricity

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What Deregulation Means for You

If you live within the service territories of Delaware Electric Cooperative and Delmarva Power, you have the power to choose your electricity supplier! Deregulation of the electricity market in Delaware means that you have a choice of energy supplier. This means:

  • Greater choice of energy supplier
  • Wider price options - choose a floating price, lock in a fixed price, or choose green energy
  • Competition among suppliers, leading to lower prices and better customer service

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What has not changed with deregulation is the operation of energy infrastructure. Your local utility still owns, operates, and maintains distribution network for electricity. The power you receive will be the same, regardless of who supplies it. The same thing goes for interruptions or the quality of the electrical current you receive - in short, nothing changes but the price when you switch suppliers!

Starting Electricity Service in Delaware

Getting electricity service started in your name in Delaware is easy! Simply call your local utility and provide them with the following information:

  • Your full name and contact information (phone number, email address)
  • The full address of where you would like service
  • The date for service
  • Some government-issued identification, such as your Social Security Number or drivers license number

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