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Looking for your utility? We provide contact information for electricity utilities in 17 states, along with information about energy supply options

Moving? Check out our moving guide to learn about how to start and terminate service with your utility.

Electricty and gas residencial markets have been open to competition in various states across the United States. This means that depending on where you live, you have the option to choose who provides your energy to your home. Find your state on the map above, or check out the table below to find out if the electricity and/or gas market is deregulated where you live.

To learn more about the deregulation of energy in the United States, check our complete list of the deregulated energy market, state-by-state

What Does "Customer Choice" Mean for my Energy Supply?

Customer choice means more you can compare and choose amongst various offers for your electricity and/or natural gas supply. Choose from fixed or variable rates, or choose a green energy contract, support local business...you've got the power of choice! Customers in states where energy has been deregulated can save money by taking a bit of time to shop for the lowest energy rate in their area.

Why Choose an Energy Supplier?

Choose to Save Money

Alternative suppliers have different purchasing processes and work with different overheads compared to traditional utilities. This allows them to provide different rates that can sometimes be lower than what your utility offers.

Call us for lower rates!We have special rates that are only available for our clients. To find a low rate in your area call us at phone currently not availableL



Choose Predictability

Say goodebye to budget uncertainty! Electricity and gas prices can change dramatically from month to month, which can sometimes result in nasty surprises. Alternate suppliers can offer a solution to this: the fixed rate. Lock in a fixed rate over a certain period of time, and enjoy greater peace of mind. What's more, fixed rates can sometimes be cheaper than variable rates in the long run. We recommend choosing a fixed rate for at least 12 months.

Choose to Save the World

While 67% of electricity in the United States is generated comes from fossil fuels, renewable energy is becoming more and more inexpensive. Contact us to learn more.

I am moving houses, how can I choose an alternative supplier?

Discover How Customer Choice Works

In many states (except Texas), you will need to open an account with your utility to activate electricity and gas service when you move. Then you have choose an alternative supplier. Call us at phone currently not available for more information, and to active your service within minutes.