TruSmart Energy Reviews


We have decided to rate TruSmart Energy 4 stars because of their good variety of plans, including prepaid plans and plans offering lower rates at night and on weekends.

Our Take

Based on pricing, customer service, and the structure of their plans, we have decided to give TruSmart Energy 4 stars.

BBB RANKING TruSmart Energy has been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau for the low incidence of consumer complaints filed against it relative to its size.


TruSmart's prices are generally in the middle of the pack. However, pricing can vary according to where you live. Call us at 1 (832) 460-0233 and tell us your zip code to get competing offers and find the lowest prices and best plans for you.

  • Ability to choose prepaid plans, if need be.
  • Good referral incentives.
  • Early termination fees can be high.

Variable RatesVariable Rates We generally don't encourage customers to choose variable rate plans, because the advertised price is often for the first month only, and prices can rise unexpectedly in later months. Unless you have a specific reason to need a very short term plan with no early termination fee, it is better to lock in your rate with a fixed-term contract.

Customer Service

Customer experiences with TruSmart Energy seem to be mixed. Dissatisfaction and poor reviews are usually a result of:

  • Poor experiences with customer service representatives, including receiving bills late.
  • Price increases on variable rate plans.


Contract Conditions

We like that TruSmart Energy offers relatively transparent Terms & Conditions. However, you might want to be aware of the following:

  • No early termination fee if you move and provide proof
  • Layers of fees could really add up if you are ever late on a payment
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