Earth Hour 2016


Earth Hour is a global initiative that has existed since 2007 in order to raise awareness about energy savings, energy waste, and climate change. On Saturday March 16th, 2016, at 8:30 pm in your local time, join the rest of the world in turning all your lights off!

When is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is at the same local time for everyone: Saturday, March 27th, 2016, at 8:30 pm. It lasts 1 hour. If you live on the east coast of the US, the time left till earth hour is:

What happens during Earth Hour?

In 2014, hundreds of millions of people from 162 countries participated by turning off their lights and going dark. This involved 7000 cities, and was truly widely followed global phenomenon. Twitter recorded 1.2 billion times the words "Earth Hour" and the #EarthHour hashtag.

This event has gained supporters from the largest coroporations such as Google, IKEA, Yahoo!, Durex, National Geographic, and many others.

What should I do for Earth Hour?

  • Turn your lights off!
  • Turn off any home or office appliance thatyou do not absolutely need. This includes:
    • Your computer
    • Your television
    • Your radio
  • Flashlights are also considered lights, since they use electricity, so no cheating!
  • Your electric heating if you can withstand the cold
  • Unplug all appliances which are in sleep mode (microwave, oven, coffee machine, etc.)

What fun things can I do during Earth Hour?

  • Organise a candlelit dinner or party, eventually with an old-fashioned theme.
  • Play music: invite some musician friends over and organise a jamming session. During Earth Hour, you should not listen to music on speakers either, so it's a great opportunity to pull-out that old guitar of your cupboard.
  • Do something crafty or manual, which does not require energy-consuming technology: painting, making a sculpture, knitting.
  • Take a walk in the city. Many people will get out of their homes, so it will be an enjoyable moment.
  • Take the opportunity to go star gazing. Many lights will be off during that time, so the night sky will be clearer than usual.
  • Use this moment to raise awareness around you, and open discussions about climate change, pollution, animal extinctions, the melting of the ice caps, and anything that concerns our beloved mother Earth.
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