10 reasons why you should switch to an alternate supplier

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Many states offer a choice of energy suppliers, but switching can be a difficult choice. Are you really going to save money? Is it worth the hassle? Here are CallMePower.com, we say, YES! Taking the time to choose an energy supplier can save you money and more. Here are 10 reasons why you should make the switch.

1. Save money on your energy bills


Most people are interested in switching suppliers because they want to lower their energy bills. Their energy bills are too high, and they want to do something about it. However, with the deregulation of many energy markets across the US, many alternate suppliers have entered and offer competitive offers for electricity and gas supply that can beat the traditionally high prices of utility companies.

2. Switching suppliers is free

In most cases, switching suppliers is free. Neither your utility company, nor your new supplier will charge you a fee for switching. The only time you need to worry about paying a fee for making a switch is if you were previously with another alternative supplier and haven't waited until the end of your contract before making the switch. So make sure you know how long you are staying in your home before you sign up for a contract with cancellation fee.

3. Switching suppliers is easy

Switching supplier can take as little as 5 minutes! All you need to do is contact your chosen supplier and give them your personal information (name, address, electricity account number, contract start date). You do not need to contact your utility company to warn them that you have switched suppliers, the new supplier will do this automatically.

Alternatively, give us a call at 1 (832) 460-0233. We can help you find a supplier and sign you up on the spot!

4. No technical changes necessary

No technical operation is required to switch suppliers. Your electricity & gas meters remain exactly the same. And you do not need to do anything complicated in your house to change suppliers.

5. It's the same electricity/gas

There is no change in your electricity & gas. It is the same electricity & gas going through the transmission & distribution lines into your house. The quality of your supply will not change if you decide to switch suppliers.

6. No interruption to your service

When the switch becomes effective, the change will be instantaneous: there will be no interruption to your supply.

7. Green energy


According to the IEA, about two thirds of electricity in the US was generated from fossil fuels. Switching suppliers to support renewable energy is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. While green energy often comes at a slight price premium, many suppliers will let you choose what percentage of your energy consumption you'd like to come from renewable sources. Depending on the supplier, you may even be able to choose what type of renewable energy you'd like to support!

8. Alternate suppliers offer you fixed rates

Utility companies only offer variable rates that are based on wholesale energy market prices. This means that when the market prices are low, you will pay less expensive electricity & gas, but when the market prices are high, electricity & gas will become expensive.

Energy is usually more expensive during periods of extreme temperatures (i.e. very hot or very cold), which are also times when your energy demand will increase. For example, when the weather outside is cold, you are more likely to want to stay inside for longer periods of time with the heating turned up. Chances are you will also have your lights, TV and other home appliances on for longer as well. Similarly, in the middle of summer, you're likely going to want to beat the heat by staying inside with the air conditioning on. Imagine this increased demand on a regional scale, and it's not surprising that prices increase during the summer and the winter. This acts as a double-whammy on your bill: not only have prices gone up, but you're using more (expensive) energy.

The problem with a variable rate, you never know by how much your monthly rate will increase or decrease. Choosing a fixed rate for your electricity allows you the peace of mind of knowing that regardless what time of year it is, your bills will be predictable.

9. Better customer service

Utility companies are often large companies with many customers. They make you wait longer on the phone, and sometimes have telephone operators which are not sufficiently qualified to help you with your needs. Alternate suppliers are typically smaller companies, which must be competitive in order to succeed. Alternate suppliers must work harder to survive - they are not guaranteed a solid customer base like many utilities. Therefore they have to put in a greater effort in making sure their customers are satisfied. 

10. More choices

You cannot choose your utility company, nor does your utility offer you a choice of rates/price options. On the other hand, you can choose your alternate supplier, and there are many choices of electricity & gas offers within each supplier!