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Disconnecting Service With PPL Electric Utilities in Pennsylvania

Your electric service with PPL Electric Utilities may be stopped in certain situations. Here we outline possible reasons for electricity service disconnection with PPL Electric Utilities, and how to get your service restarted.


I'm moving and want to close my account

TimingNote that PPL Electric Utilities does not close accounts retroactively (in the past), but you can request to stop your service up to 40 days in the future. We recommend providing at least seven days' notice for moving and/or closing your account.

When you are moving out of the PPL Electric Utilities service area you will need to close your account. You can make a request to stop service by logging on to your PPL Electric Utilities online account. In your account there is an option to stop service; simply follow the directions to close your account. You will need to provide the date of your move and a forwarding address for your final bill.

Any remaining credit on your account, including any remaining security deposit and accumulated interest will be credited to your final bill. If the credit is greater than the final bill, your refund will be mailed to your forwarding address.

If you need to have the meter removed from your building, call PPL Electric Utilities customer service at 1-800-342-5775 between 8:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday to make an appointment for meter removal.

I'm doing construction/renovation work and need my service temporarily disconnected

If you need to have your electricity service disconnected temporarily for construction/renovation/safety reasons, call the PPL Electric Utilities customer service line at 1-800-342-5775 (hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday) to find out how and to arrange an appointment. Don't start any electricity-related work until after you have contacted PPL Electric Utilities.

I'm behind on a bill and my service was disconnected

Don't Wait for Disconnection!If you are behind on a payment and receive a notice of impending disconnection, call PPL Electric Utilities Payment Assistance at 1-800-358-6623 or the customer service line at 1-800-342-5775 to make a special payment arrangement. You can also access the payment assistance program online through your PPL Utilities online account.

Disconnection Process for Non-Payment

PPL Utilities must have performed certain actions before disconnecting your service for non payment. The required procedure is as follows:

  • You must be notified in writing at least 10 days before of an impending shutoff, with directions of what to do to avoid it. This 10-day impending shutoff period is valid for 60 days
  • Three days before the shutoff date, PPL Electric Utilities must try to contact you a second time, either by telephone or in person. Note that the utility does not need to have successfully reached you in order to shut off your service
  • If the impending shutoff is during the winter (December 1 - March 31) the utility must contact a responsible adult at your residence at the time of shut off. If there is no responsible adult home, PPL Electric Utilities must leave a notice stating that they will return within 48 hours to disconnect service.
  • If your service has been disconnected, PPL Electric Utilities must leave a notice stating why your service was disconnected and what you need to do to get it reconnected

PPL Electric Utilities has disconnected my service for safety reasons

PPL Electric Utilities can disconnect your service for safety reasons, for reasons including extreme weather events (such as flooding) or because of damage to electricity infrastructure. Note that the utility also disconnect your service if they have determined that safety rules have been violated (see below).

When can PPL Electric Utilities disconnect my service?

According to the PPL Electric Utilities Customer Rights and Responsibilities guide, the utility can shut off customer service in the following situations:

  • Non-payment: PPL Electric Utilities can disconnect service for failure to pay a security deposit, an undisputed bill for service, for non-respect of a payment agreement, or for the use of a dishonored credit card/"bad" check used to avoid disconnection
  • Tampering: PPL Electric Utilities reserves the right to disconnect customers for stealing utility service, including tampering with meters or other PPL Electric Utilities property
  • Fraud: or other false statements to obtain utility service
  • Refusal: to allow utility employees to read a meter or to check company equipment
  • Violations of PUC-approved safety rules: PPL Electric Utilities may disconnect customers for violating rules, thereby causing harm to individuals or damage to company equipment.
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