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Based in Texas, Champion Energy is an alternative electricity supplier with a great reputation for customer service. Savings may be great on fixed rate plans, but variable rates are not as stable.

Our Opinion

Champion Energy is very highly rated for customer satisfaction. The company distinguishes itself in consistently providing relatively transparent customer information and services.

The company also offers competitive fixed rate plans that can deliver great savings to consumers. It is important to be informed about all plan conditions, including early cancellation fees and possible monthly fees.

Customers are generally not as satisfied with variable rate plans. Compare reviews with other suppliers.

Rate Plans and Our Views

We recommend fixed rate electricity plans with Champion Energy of 24 months or more. This is because for contracts of shorter periods, you have the possibility to lose money with a fixed rate. Be sure to lock in a competitive rate during non-summer months, when rates for electricity are the lowest.

Variable rate plans are not recommended.

Rate Type Details Contract Length Early Cancellation Fees Our View
Fixed Rate
  • "Savings Champ" plans
  • Rate is the same for entire contract period
  • Available with green energy
  • Reduced rates for seniors in some areas
  • May include a monthly fee, depending on your area
  • Available with smart thermostat rebate
6, 12, 24, or 36 months $10 per month left in contract period OR $150-250 Recommended:
  • Choose competitive rates at 24 or 36 months only
Variable Rate or Index Rate plans
  • Rate changes each month
  • No contract, plan automatically renews each month
  • Index Rates: Formula used to calculate rate is disclosed
  • Variable Rates: Formula is not disclosed
None None Not recommended

Customer Service

Champion Energy has excellent customer service. Consumers report that the company keeps them well-informed of contract conditions and of plan alternatives. The company keeps customers up to date when their contracts are going to be expiring soon, and representatives are helpful in advising consumers on their options and answering questions.

Customers also report that it is easy to transfer your account to a new address when moving. 

Online Interface

One of the most valued aspects of Champion Energy is a weekly email detailing customers' energy consumption each day. Available for customers with smart meters, these Smart Track emails also deliver a forecasted monthly bill based on customers' usage so far. Customers appreciate feeling more in control of their bill.

Additionally, monthly bills are emailed to customers, which many find to be practical. Setting up automatic bill-pay is also a breeze.

Great Rates

Customers appreciate savings on fixed rate plans. Many feel they have been able to save significantly in comparison to their local utility.

Referral Rewards

Champion Energy offers customers the opportunity to earn rebates on their monthly electricity bill for every friend referred to the company who signs up for service. Many are pleased with this incentive to save on their bills.


The company has an impressive customer rating of just under 5 stars on Consumer Affairs. Additionally, Champion Energy has earned an A+ from Better Business Bureau (BBB), and in 2013 won the BBB's Pinnacle Award for excellence.

Champion Energy won the award for Highest Consumer Satisfaction among retail electricity companies in Texas from JD Power & Associates in 2013.

Misleading Rates and Hidden Fees

Customers on variable rate plans often report feeling misled into thinking prices would remain similar to initial rates. However, consumers may find that variable rate plans end up being more expensive than their local utility.

Additionally, other customers express frustration with early cancellation fees, with some feeling that they were not adequately aware of this condition before enrolling. If market rates are lower with another company, customers may feel inconvenienced by the fact that they cannot cancel their Champion Energy plan without a fee.

Other customers are bothered by the extra fees charged to pay your bill online

Company Information

Founded in 2002, Champion Energy is based in Houston, Texas. It serves over 1.4 million customers across the country.