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Clearview Energy is an alternative energy supplier that can have good fixed rate offers. It was named the 29th fastest-growing American company in 2014 by Inc. Magazine. While some customers interested in supporting renewable energy might find Clearview a good supplier, other customers may find sales tactics to be deceptive.

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Our Take on Clearview Energy

With great marks for customer service from the Better Business Bureau, we recommend fixed rate plans with Clearview Energy. Customers can potentially save and also support energy from 100% renewable sources at the same time.

However, there are allegations of misleading door-to-door sales techniques, and poor information about cancellation fees. It is important to remain informed about plan conditions, and the Better Business Bureau recommends asking for a form of identification during all home sales visits. We also recommend against the uncertainty of variable rate plans. Compare reviews with other suppliers.

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Door-to-Door Sales: always a scam?

Clearview Energy Electricity Offers

Rate Type Details Terms Available Early Cancellation Fee Recommendations
Fixed Rate
  • Rate remains the same for entire contract period
  • Available ONLY with 100% green energy
  • 3 days right to recission
  • 30 days notice required to cancel
6 or 12 months $100-150, depending on plan Recommended for the following lengths:
  • Natural gas: 6 or 12 months
  • Electricity: 12 months
Variable Rate
  • Rate can change each month
  • Available with 100% green energy
  • 30 days cancellation notice
No contract None Not recommended
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Good Rates and Renewable Energy

Clearview Energy offers low fixed rates and green energy plans. Many customers appreciate the opportunity to save in comparison to their local utility and make environmentally-smart choices at the same time.

We recommend fixed rate plans with Clearview Energy as long as you are able to lock in a competitive rate for electricity or natural gas. For electricity customers, we recommend 12 month contracts, since green energy delivers added value. Customers choosing Clearview Energy for natural gas should choose 6 or 12 month contracts. Read more about common contract conditions.

Clearview Energy was recognized as the 29th fastest growing company in the US in 2014 by Inc. Magazine.

Clearview Energy Customer Service

Clearview Energy has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for swiftly and appropriately responding to customer complaints. Additionally, the company receives a relatively small number of formal complaints for a company of its size.

Deceptive Sales and Fees

Some customers allege false sales techniques. There are reports that the company has used door to door salespeople who do correctly identify their employer, and instead sign up customers without their knowledge.

Additionally, some consumers feel that early cancellation fees were not adequately revealed to them when they signed up for service. Variable rates with Clearview Energy may also change more than expected, and many customers feel misled about savings on these plans.

About Clearview Energy

Formerly known as Clearview Electric, Clearview Energy currently serves over 100,000 customers in 12 states and the District of Columbia. It was founded in 2006 and is based in Dallas, Texas.

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