Constellation Reviews

Serving over 1.2 million customers in the United States, Constellation supplies natural gas and electricity to retail customers. The company has excellent reviews for customer service and fixed rate plans, but some consumers feel that sales practices are undesirable.

Our Analysis

Fixed rate plans can deliver good deals with Constellation. It is important to be educated about contract conditions, including early cancellation fees. The company also has excellent customer service reviews.

However, variable rate plans are unstable and may end up being more expensive than your local utility's offers. Customers have also expressed annoyance with sales methods, which are considered pushy and untransparent according to some. Compare reviews with other suppliers.

Plans Available and Our Opinion

Plan Type Details Early Cancellation Fee Contract Lengths Our Take
Fixed Rate Plans
  • Fixed Price
  • Rates remain the same for entire contract length
  • Available with 90 day trial period - no early cancellation fee during first 90 days
  • Green energy available on 12 & 24 month plans
  • Budget billing available
  • Automatically become variable at end of contract
  • Traditional Plans: If cancelled after trial period:
    • $100 for 12 month contracts
    • $200 for 24 or 36 month contracts
  • Green Energy plans: $150 if cancelled after trial period
12, 24, or 36 months Recommended:
  • Electricity: 24 or 36 months
  • Natural Gas: 12 months
Multi Step Price Plan
  • May have 90 day trial period
  • Rates may change based on schedule in contract
  • Plans are advertised as fixed-rate - but may become variable at end of period, for last 6 months for example
$50 if cancelled after trial period 12, 24, or 36 months Not recommended
Variable Rates
  • Rate changes each month
$0 None - contract renews automatically each month Not recommended

Savings on Fixed Rates

Constellation customers report that they are able to save significant amounts on fixed rate plans, provided that they pick a good contract length and are able to lock in a competitive rate. Based on historical price information, we recommend fixed rate plans of 12 months or less for natural gas. For electricity, 24 or 36 month periods are recommended.

Read more about common contract conditions.

We advise against variable rate plans, because rates are not regulated and may end up being more expensive each month than your local utility.

Green Options

Customers really appreciate the ability to consume green energy with Constellation. There are reports that savings have been noticeable even on green plans - something which some customers have found refreshing. Renewable energy options are only available in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Attractive Rewards

Customers appreciate Constellation's rewards programs. Among reward perks are a visa prepaid card for new members, and other gift cards throughout service for timely bill pay.

Well-Regarded Customer Service

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave Constellation an A+ rating, as of March 2015, for dealing quickly and appropriately with customer complaints. The company has taken appropriate action to redress complaints, and it receives a relatively small number of formal complaints through BBB based on its size.

Customers also report that customer service representatives are often accommodating and friendly.

Overwhelming Sales

Some customers report that they are not comfortable with Constellation's door to door sales tactics, which some consider aggressive and potentially targeting of vulnerable consumers. Additionally some feel that sales people are not always forthcoming about less attractive contract provisions, like cancellation fees, to sign up more new customers.

Telemarketing Calls

Some customers express annoyance with telemarketing calls, which they feel are too frequent with Constellation.

Problems with Billing

Some consumers have experienced issues with budget billing miscalculation or tardiness. Others express disappointment with early cancellation fees, and some have said that the 90 day trial period seems to have expired too early, forcing them to pay a cancellation fee to end service bedfore the trial period was over.

Expensive Variable Rates

Customers on variable rate plans are often unsatisfied with variable rate plans, which may be much more expensive than your local utility, after an initially low first month offer. Additionally, fixed rate plans automatically become variable at the end of the contract period, which many customers have felt uninformed about.

Company Background

Constellation is based in Baltimore, Maryland, and it is a subsidiary of the Exelon Corporation. It has a few subsidiaries of its own, including Integrys Energy, StarTex Power, and MXEnergy.

The company serves 1.2 million natural gas and electricity customers across the midwest, southern, and eastern United States.

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