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Talen Energy is a retail electricity provider that offers fixed rates to customers in Pennsylvania. Formerly known as PPL EnergyPlus, the company was created in June 2015 when it split from PPL Corporation.

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Our Take on Talen Energy

Talen Energy prides itself on its ability to offer:

  • Competitive pricing (fixed prices only)
  • Pennsylvania-based customer service
  • A strong, regional company

We think that the company has the potential to be a good choice of provider. Along with only offering fixed prices, the company's rates appear to be quite competitive with what else is on offer in Pennsylvania.

Talen Energy Service Area

Talen Energy provides service to residential and small business customers in Pennsylvania. Customers in the following utility service territories are eligible to purchase electricity from Talen Energy:

Available Plans

Talen Energy currently offers three fixed rate plans for electricity, including:

  • A six month fixed rate, featuring no termination fees
  • A 12 month fixed rate (with a $100 early termination fee)
  • A 12 month renewable energy rate ($100 early termination fee)

Customer Reviews

As a relatively recent entry to the retail electricity market, Talen Energy does not yet have a well-developed online profile. Check back soon for more information!

Contact Talen Energy

Talen Energy's customer service number is 1-888-289-7693. Their hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Eastern Time.

Haven't found what you're looking for?Find full contact information for Talen Energy on our contact Talen Energy page.

Company Background

Formerly known as PPL EnergyPlus, Talen Energy was launched as a separate company from the PPL Corporation in June 2015. The company's primary business is in generation, and it is the fourth-largest publicly traded independent power producer in the US. Talen Energy's generation facilities include coal-fired, hydro-electric, natural gas, and nuclear power plants.

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