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What is a CCF?

A CCF is a unit of measurement of volume. The CCF is used to measure gas consumption, used in the billing of natural gas and water delivered to households.

  • 1 CCF = 100 cubic feet

CCF means Centum Cubic Feet. 

1 CCF of gas is equivalent to 1.025 Therms of heat from burning natural gas.

Much like electricity is measured in kWh (a unit of energy), gas is normally counted in Therms (also a unit of energy). But since it is easier to measure a volume of gas (in CCF) than natural gas' thermal energy, your gas meter will count the amount of gas you consume each month in CCF and not in Therms. On your gas bill, you gas consumption will most usually be firstly expressed in CCF, and then converted to Therms. Also, since 1 CCF is equivalent to 1.025 Therms, the conversion is rather simple.

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