Watt VS kilowatt

A kilowatt and a watt are both units of power. It is used to measure the amount of power an electrical system consumes (or produces). A kilowatt is worth 1,000 watts.

1 kilowatt = 1,000 watts.

A microwave will consume approximately 1,000 W, equivalent to 1 kW.

The consumption of typical home appliances includes:

Appliance Consumption in watts (W) Consumption is kilowatts (kW)
Light bulb 60 W 0.060 kW
Eco-friendly light bulb  15 W 0.015 kW
TV 150 W 0.15 kW
Washing machine 500 W 0.5 kW
Toaster 800 W 0.8 kW
Microwave 1000 W 1 kW
Electric kettle 2000 W 2 kW
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