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Measuring Gas

Natural gas consumption is generally measured in two types of units -- CCFs and therms


A CCF is a unit of measurement of volume. The CCF is used to measure gas consumption, used in the billing of natural gas and water delivered to households.

  • 1 CCF = 100 cubic feet

CCF means Centum Cubic Feet. 

1 CCF of gas is equivalent to 1.025 Therms of heat from burning natural gas.


A therm is a unit of measurement of energy (more specifically thermal energy). The therm is used to measure gas consumption :

  • 1 Therm = 100,000 British thermal units (BTU)

This is equal to 29.3 kWh of thermal energy.

1 therm of heat is obtained by burning 100 cubic feet (=1 CCF) of natural gas.

Since it is easier to measure a volume of gas (in CCF) than natural gas' thermal energy, your gas meter will count the amount of gas you consume each month in CCF and not in Therms. On your gas bill, you gas consumption will most usually be firstly expressed in CCF, and then converted to Therms. Also, since 1 Therm is equivalent to 1 CCF, the conversion is rather simple.

Your Bill

Your bill will most likely use one of these two measurements for gas. Make sure to check with your energy provider if you aren't sure which unit is used on your bill, and for more information, see our article on gas prices.

For reference:

  • 1 cubic foot is equivalent to about 1,027 BTUs
  • 1 therm is equivalent to about 100 cubic feet = 1 CCF
  • 1,000 cubic feet = 1 MCF, or equivalent to about 10 therms
1 MCF, or 1,000 cubic feet is equivalent to about 10 therms. This is approximately enough natural gas to provide an average American home with space heating, water heating, cooking, and more for four days.
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