Service Classification for NYSEG in New York State

In the state of New York, the Service Classification for NYSEG PSC 120 Rate Tariff Electric Service is divided according to the type of customer and the demand regime:

Active rates:

Service Classification Type of Customer
S.C. 1 Residential Service
S.C. 2 General Service with Demand Metering
S.C. 3 Primary Service - 25 KW or more
S.C. 5 Outdoor Lighting Service
S.C. 6 General Service
S.C. 7 Large General Service with Time-of-Use Metering
S.C. 8 Residential - Day Night Service
S.C. 9 General Service - Day Night Service
S.C. 10 Cogeneration or Small Power Production- Sale of Energy to the Corporation
S.C. 11 Standby Service
S.C. 12 Residential Service with Time-of-Use Metering
S.C. 13 Competitive Alternative Industrial Service
S.C. 14 Large Economic Development Service


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