Service Classification for RG&E in New York State

In the state of New York, the PSC 19 describes the service classification, divided according to the type of customer and the demand regime:

Active rates:

Service Classification Type of Customer
S.C. 1 Residential Service
S.C. 2 General Service - Small Use
S.C. 3 General Service - 100 kW Minimum
S.C. 4 Residential Service Time-of-Use Rate
S.C. 5 Buy-back Service
S.C. 6 Area Lighting Service
S.C. 7 General Service - 12 kW Minimum
S.C. 8 Large General Service - Time-of-Use Rate
S.C. 9 General Service - Time-of-Use
S.C. 10 General Service - Individually Negotiated Contracts
S.C. 11 General Service-Economic Development
S.C. 12 Power for Jobs
S.C. 13 Reserved
S.C. 14 Standby Service


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