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Cirro Energy offers competitive prices and appears to have strong record of responding to (relatively few) official customer complaints. However, some customers have complained of a decline in customer service quality since the company was acquired by NRG Energy. We rate the customer experience with Cirro Energy 4 out of 5 stars.

Our Take on Cirro Energy

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With the right plan, Cirro Energy has strong potential to be a good choice of provider. We like that their prices are competitive. Their green rate also appears to be quite competitive compared to many other Texas REPs. However, customers should check out the minimum usage fee charged on their specific plan as Cirro Energy's minimum usage threshold can be as high as 2000 kWh depending on the plan.

While Cirro Energy has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, as of February 2016 the company had an "average" complaint score on the Texas PUC Power to Choose website (which compares the number of complaints filed against a company relative to its size). Cirro Energy is a BBB-accredited business, which means that they have met BBB accreditation standards and have paid a fee to the BBB. Cirro Energy's score is based on the few complaints filed for the age of the company and Cirro Energy's responsiveness to complaints.

Cirro Energy Prices

Cirro Energy prices can be quite competitive, though pricing can vary according to where you live. We would recommend that you choose fixed rates over variable ones, as most negative reviews of Cirro Energy tend to be from customers who are on variable rates. Call us at 1 (832) 460-0233 and tell us your zip code to get competing offers and find the lowest prices and best plans for you

Automatic RenewalsLike many Texas REPs, Cirro Energy will automatically enroll customers in a month-to-month variable plan at the end of a fixed price plan, unless customers decide to switch suppliers or choose another fixed rate. Watch out for attractive fixed rates on very short plans (3 months - 6 months), as the variable rate that you may be charged after may not be nearly as good of a deal.

Minimum Usage Fees

Depending on the contract and your consumption level, Cirro Energy may charge a minimum usage fee. Fee amounts and thresholds can vary depending on the plan:

Plan Minimum Usage Fee Threshold Amount Charged
Smart Saver 3 Minimum usage fee charged for consumption under 1,000 kWh/month $9.95
Smart Simple 3 None charged  
Smart Simple 6 None charged  
Smart Lock 6 Minimum usage fee charged for consumption under 2,000 kWh/month $9.95
Smart Lock 100% Wind 12 Minimum usage fee charged for consumption under 1,000 kWh/month $9.95
Smart Lock 24 Minimum usage fee charged for consumption under 2,000 kWh/month $9.95
Smart Lock 12 Minimum usage fee charged for consumption under 2,000 kWh/month $9.95
SmartFlex (variable) Minimum usage fee charged for consumption under 1,000 kWh/month $7.95

Cirro Energy Customer Service

As is the case with all retail electric providers, customer reviews of Cirro Energy are mixed. Some customers have reported negative experiences with customer service, and others have noted considerably higher prices once their contracts have been renewed. In general we recommend shopping for electricity about one month before the end of your contract, as you may be able to find a better rate elsewhere than with your current supplier. Positive reviews of Cirro Energy have reported good prices with their fixed rates.

Cirro Energy Contract Terms and Conditions

We like that Cirro Energy offers relatively transparent Terms & Conditions. However, you might want to be aware of the following:

  • No early termination fee if you move and provide proof
  • Automatic renewal to a default fixed rate or a variable once your fixed rate contract term finishes
  • Fees could add up quickly if you are ever late on a payment

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