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American Power & Gas

Based in Florida, American Power & Gas serves two states in the northeast with natural gas and electricity.

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Service Area

American Power & Gas serves natural gas and electricity customers in New York and Pennsylvania.


Rate Plans Available

Plan Type Details

Variable Rate plans


  • Clean Gas
  • Green Electric

Standard Plans:

  • Smart Gas/Electric
  • Low introductory rate lasting one month
  • Rates become variable thereafter
  • Renewable Plans:
    • Electricity: 100% wind energy
    • Natural Gas: carbon offset
  • 25% rebate check based on average energy price at the end of each 12 months on plan
    • Redeemable at 12 & 24 months
  • No early cancellation fee or contract

After switching to service with American Power & Gas you will receive just one bill each month from your local utility.

Variable Rate Plans

Variable rates are normally not advised for customers of alternate suppliers. Rates are not regulated by state government, and can easily become more expensive than the rates offered by your local utility. American Power & Gas offers a 25% rebate at the end of each 12 month period, which could provide some form of safety net for customers, but it is important to track your plan and cancel at 12 month intervals. Otherwise you may pay expensive variable rates with no refund.

Variable rates are risky, so even with refunds we recommend close caution before entering into an energy plan like this.

Fixed Rates

Fixed rate plans are a much better deal with alternate suppliers, where the rate you pay for natural gas per therm/cubic foot or for electricity per kilowatt-hour remains the same for the entire term of your contract. Because American Power & Gas only offers variable rate plans at this time, it may not be the best idea to take a plan with the company. Learn more about common contract conditions.

Green Energy Plans

On green energy plans, your energy is generated from 100% renewable wind energy. Using wind turbines to generate electricity, this energy source leaves almost no enviornmental impact and does not use up precious resources.

For customers on clean natural gas plans, your natural gas consumption is countered with the purchase of carbon offsets, which support renewable energy projects and generation elsewhere in the United States.

Rewards for Referrals

Customers with American Power & Gas can become an affiliate and earn money for each friend or family member that they refer who signs up for service.

Customer Reviews

Some customers report that customer service representatives are friendly and helpful at American Power & Gas.

However, other people feel mislead by terms and conditions of the company, alleging that they were meant to believe savings were guaranteed. American Power & Gas has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau for not responding to a recurring pattern of complaints.

Read more reviews for the company, including our take, on our American Power & Gas customer reviews page.

Contact Information

You can contact American Power & Gas customer service representatives at 1-888-815-6971 from Monday to Friday, 9.00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). Read more contact details for the company, including email information.


American Power & Gas is based in Dunedin, Florida.

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