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Commerce Energy

Commerce Energy is an alternative energy supplier serving residential and business customers with electricity and natural gas in eight states.

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Residential Customers

Commerce Energy serves customers in eight US states, though services vary by state.


States for electricity service include California, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.


Natural Gas

For natural gas, Commerce Energy serves California, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.


Business and Commercial Service

For both natural gas and electricity, Commerce Energy serves California, Ohio, Illinois, and New Jersey commercial customers. However, electricity service is limited for businesses in California and Ohio. Commerce Energy also serves commercial natural gas customers in Georgia.

Available Natural Gas & Electricity Plans

Commerce Energy provides a number of options for fixed and variable rate energy plans, for both gas and electricity.

Plan Type Duration Details Cancellation Fee
Fixed Rate Plans 12 & 36 months Same supply rate for entire contract period $75, unless proof of move showed 30 days in advance
Variable Rate No limit Rate varies each month based on market conditions None

Electricity rates are measured in kilowatt-hours, and gas prices are based on therms.

Green Energy Plans

Commerce Energy's offers green energy plans for both Electricity and Natural Gas service. With renewable energy, electricity and gas are generated using environmentally-friendly sources that do not deplete natural resources. This includes sources like solar, water, wind, and recycling. Traditional sources of energy include natural gas, which is finite and has negative environmental impacts.

For its green natural gas plans, Commerce Energy offers offsets for your natural gas usage. This means instead of using a renewable source for natural gas, a costumer's use is offset.

For green electricity Commerce Energy powers your home with renewable sources including hydro, solar, and wind power.

Green energy options are available with Commerce Energy for residential consumers in California, Ohio, and Georgia. Consumers can choose their level of green energy in some markets, whereas in other markets the only option is 100% renewable energy sources.

Additionally, with their Green Energy Lifestyle program, Commerce Energy allows residents and commercial customers to purchase carbon offsets or renewable energy credits to counteract their energy usage.

Customer Reviews

Reviews are mixed for Commerce Energy. While some customers praise their savings after switching, others state that tactics for signing up new customers can be manipulative and lack transparency.

Find a detailed breakdown of customer reviews for Commerce Energy, including our take on the company, on our Commerce Energy Customer Reviewspage.

Contact Commerce Energy

Commerce Energy's customer service number is 1-877-226-5392. Find more ways to get in touch with Commerce Energy on our Contact Commerce Energy page.

Company Information

With offices across the country, Commerce Energy is a subsidiary of the Canadian company Just Energy. Affiliated energy companies under the Just Energy umbrella include Tara Energy, Amigo Energy, Green Star Energy, and Hudson Energy.

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