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Great Eastern Energy is an alternate electricity and natural gas supplier. Customer service has a great reputation, but some customers do not appreciate that fixed rate contracts automatically revert to variable rates.

Our Opinion

Customer service has a great reputation with Great Eastern Energy, earning the company an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, customers report that they have been able to save on fixed rate plans in comparison to rates offered by their local utility.

However, some customers have expressed difficulty reaching customer service representatives, and others are frustrated that rates automatically become variable at the end of fixed rate contracts.

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Plans Available

Rate Type Contract length Details Early Cancellation Fee Our Take
Fixed Rates 12 Months
  • Rates remain same for entire contract length
  • Electricity available with 100% renewable energy
  • Automatically becomes variable rate at end of contract term
  • Recommended for natural gas
  • Electricity could be worth it for green energy customers

Good Customer Service Ratings

Great Eastern Energy has received a perfect A+ review from the Better Business Bureau for dealing well with customer concerns. Additionally, the company has received a relatively low number of complaints for a company of its size.

Savings on Fixed Rate Plans

Customers report being able to save on fixed rate plans in comparison to their local utility. We generally recommend fixed rate plans with alternate suppliers because they can shield you from fluctuations in the market price for electricity per kilowatt-hour and natural gas per therm changes so much that a fixed rate plan can shelter you from price increases.

We normally recommend the following contract lengths, based on market trends:

  • Electricity: 18 months or more
  • Natural Gas: 12 months or less

However, the added benefit of green energy with Great Eastern Energy could make their 12 month electricity fixed rate deals a good choice for some customers.

Difficulty Reaching Customer Service

Some customers have reported that they have not had an easy time getting in touch with representatives at Great Eastern Energy. In one instance reported to the Better Business Bureau, there may have been an issue with the company's phone lines due to a storm that was passing through.

Not Appreciative of Automatic Variable Rates

Though Great Eastern Energy does not offer variable rate options, fixed rate contracts automatically become variable at the end of their term if customers do not cancel or renew their plan. Some consumers are frustrated by this aspect of service. Because variable rates are not regulated by your local government, they can end up being more expensive than rates with your local utility. Variable rates are subject to change each month.

More Information

Great Eastern Energy is an alternate supplier serving natural gas and electricity customers in three states in the eastern United States. The company is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York and has been operating since 1996.

You can contact customer service representatives at 1-888-651-4121. For more information including office locations, check out our Great Eastern Energy contact page.

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