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Looking for MORE out of an energy provider & plan ?

Airline Rewards* - Green Energy - Charity Donations - Competitive Rates
(*available in select states & cities)

IDT Energy Reviews

With more than 1 million customers across 6 states, IDT Energy has an A+ customer service rating from the Better Business Bureau. Fixed rates can deliver savings, but customers may not be pleased with variable plans.

Rates Available and Our Take

Rate Type Contract Length Early Cancellation Fee Details Our Recommendations
Fixed Rate Plans 12 months None
  • Rate is the same for entire contract period
  • 15 days notice required to cancel
  • Recommended for natural gas
  • May offer good deals for electricity
Variable Rate Plan None - contract automatically renews each month None
  • Rate changes each month

Not recommended

We recommend fixed rate plans with IDT Energy, which may be a good deal for natural gas plans. Our verdict for electricity is less certain. Compare reviews with other suppliers.

Natural Gas Offers

Normally, shorter term contrats are better for natural gas customers, because the rate of gas per therm fluctuates so much over the course of a year, that consumers can save when prices spike. This is why we recommend fixed rate contracts of 12 months or less for natural gas, which corresponds well to plans available with IDT Energy. Just be sure to lock in a competitive rate during the winter, when prices are actually the lowest for natural gas.

Electric Plans

For electricity customers, we recomend contracts of longer than 12 months, because you may only be able to recuperate savings on electricity per kilowatt-hour over longer periods. However, with IDT Energy's generous cancellation policy - no fee for early cancellation - a fixed rate electricity plan could be a good idea. With a 15 days notice required for cancellation, customers are able to leave a fixed rate electricity plan relatively easily, if they find that rates are better with another supplier or their local utility.

Savings on Fixed Rates

Many customers report that they are pleased with savings on fixed rate plans. Some consumers have been able to find competitive rates with the company, in comparison to their local utility and other alternative suppliers.

We do not recomend variable rates however, because they are not regulated and the formula to calculate your rates is not disclosed. This can result in rate spikes.

Top Customer Service Ratings

The company has earned an A+ review from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), for responding quickly and appropriately to official complaints filed with the BBB. Additionally, IDT Energy receives a low number of complaints for a business of its size.

Pushy Door to Door Sales

There are allegations that door to door sales people have been aggressive, and have also failed to correctly identify themselves. Some customers allege that sales representatives pose as another company, such as their local utility, in order to get them to sign up for service. Consumers may not know they are signing up for a new service provider, or they may think they are signing up with another supplier enirely.

Expensive Variable Rates

Many consumers are not pleased with variable rate plans, stating that rates are unpredictable and may not be reasonable compared to local utility rates. The company reports that it grants "goodwill credits" to consumers whose monthly rates have increased significantly.

Company Information

IDT Energy serves 1 million customers across 6 states. It was founded in 2004, and serves electricity and natural gas customers of choice.

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