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Inspire Energy Reviews

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Inspire Energy offers 100% renewable electricity supply in four states across the United States. Customers appreciate green energy options, but variable rates may sometimes be problematic.

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Our Take on Inspire Energy

Inspire Energy is well rated for customer service by the Better Business Bureau, earning a A score (as of February, 2016), based on the relatively few complaints filed against the company and on its responsiveness to these complaints. Customers report that they appreciate being able to support green electricity sources all the while saving money. Inspire Energy offers several customer rewards and incentives, including referral rebates and rewards for saving energy.

However, Inspire Energy currently only offers variable rates, which risk becoming more expensive than local utility rates. Find out why why we don't recommend variable rates.

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Inspire Energy Plans Offered

Rate Type Details Contract Length Early Cancellation Fee Our Thoughts
  • Rates subject to change each month
  • All plans are 100% green
  • Bonus available on some plans after 2 or 3 months
  • 3-5% cash back after 12 months on some plans
None None We do not recommend variable rates - find out why

We do not recommend variable rate plans with alternate suppliers, because rates are subject to change each month and are not regulated by your local government. These rates can end up therefore being more expensive than your local utility. Normally fixed rates with an alternate supplier are a better idea, because you can be sure your rate for electricity per kilowatt-hour will stay the same for the entirety of your contract.

Because Inspire Energy does not offer fixed rate contracts, we do not currently recommend signing up for service with the company.

Good Green Energy Options With Inspire Energy

All plans with Inspire Energy are 100% green energy, which many customers appreciate. The company's electricity comes from 100% wind sources.

Additionally, customers appreciate being able to earn cash back and bonuses with Inspire Energy.

Positive Customer Service Ratings

As of February 2016, the company has a A rating from the Better Business Bureau for responding well to customer concerns. The score was lowered because Inspire Energy has not been operating for a very long time.

Unstable Variable Rates

Customers report being upset with variable rates with the company, some customers worrying that they may end up being a bad deal.

About Inspire Energy

Based in Santa Monica, California, Inspire Energy is a relatively new energy supply company, founded in 2013. It currently provides green electricity supply options in four states accross the northeastern United States.

You can contact Inspire Energy at 1-866-403-2620, from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). For more information check out our Inspire Energy contact page.

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