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Penstar Power Reviews


Penstar Power appears to have a high customer satisfaction rate, judging from the few number of complaints filed against them. However, Penstar Power's offers are limited compared to many of its competitors. We rate the customer experience with Penstar Power 5 out of 5 stars.

Our Take on Penstar Power

Penstar Power has the potential to be a good choice of provider, with the right plan. We like that they have achieved high customer satisfaction ratings from the Texas PUC and the Better Business Bureau, based on the low number of complaints filed against them. However, as Penstar Power's offers are quite limited, the company may not be for everyone.


Penstar Power prices can be quite competitive, though pricing can vary according to where you live.

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Customer Service

As is the case with all retail electric providers, customer reviews of Penstar Power are mixed. Dissatisfaction and poor reviews seem to come most often from customers on prepaid plans. If you are considering a prepaid plan, keep in mind that disconnection policies are different, and companies can cut power with much less warning.

Contract Conditions

While you should always read the terms of service and the electricity facts label yourself, here are a few features of Penstar Power's terms of service that you might want to be aware of:

  • No early termination fee if you move and provide proof
  • Fees could add up quickly if you are ever late on a payment (standard 5% late payment penalty + $35/$57 disconnect recovery fee)
  • Credit card processing fee: $5
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