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Titan Gas & Power Reviews

Titan Gas & Power is an alternate supplier serving 3 US states with natural gas and electric service. The company has good customer service reviews, but billing may not always be straightforward.

Our Take on Titan Gas & Power

Titan Gas & Power has positive reviews for fixed rate plans, which customers report can help them save in comparison to their local utility. However, some customers allege that sales may not be entirely transparent, and that billing is not always clear.

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Titan Gas & Power Plans Available

Rate Type Contract Length Early Cancellation Fee More Details Our Recommendations
Fixed Rates 3, 6, 12, or 24 months $10-12 per month remaining on contract, depending on plan
  • Rates remain the same for entire contract length
  • Budget billing available for natural gas
  • Plan automatically becomes variable at the end of term


  • Natural gas: 12 months or less
  • Electricity: 24 months
Variable Rates None None
  • Rate subject to change each month
  • Plan automatically renews each 30 days
Not recommended

Savings on Fixed Rate Plans

Customers report being able to save on fixed rate contracts with Titan Gas & Power in comparison to prices offered by their local utility.

We recommend electricity plans of 18 months or more, because the rate of electricity per kilowatt-hour trends upward over time, but varies so much over the course of a year that customers may end up losing money on shorter contracts. This is because when the market price decreases throughout a year period, customers on fixed rate plans are not able to take advantage of savings during cheaper times.

Natural gas customers should opt for contract lengths of 12 months or fewer, because the price of natural gas per therm fluctuates heavily throughout a year but actually falls over time. Sign up for competitive rates during the winter, when natural gas is ironically the cheapest.

We do not recommend variable rate plans because they are not regulated by your state government and can quickly become more expensive than your utility.

Positive Customer Service Experiences With Titan Gas & Power

As of February 2016, Titan Gas & Power had a D- Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating for customer service. The company's rating was lowered due to its unresponsiveness to four complaints filed against it with the BBB. Titan Gas & Power is not accredited by the BBB, which means that the company has not agreed to meet BBB accreditation standards and has not paid a fee to the BBB.

Sales May Lack Transparency

Some customers allege that they were signed up for service with Titan Gas & Power without their knowledge. Often this practice is connected to door to door sales with alternate suppliers, but there are no reports of this happening with Titan Gas & Power.

The has BBB reported that customers have alleged that Titan Gas & Power is misrepresenting themselves as other utilities in order to have consumers sign up for their service.

Additionally, because many plans feature an early cancellation fee, customers who allegedly have not given their consent to join a plan may still have to pay a fee to cancel.

Billing Confusion With Titan Gas & Power

According to some customers, billing may not always be straightforward with Titan Gas & Power. There are allegations by some consumers that unexpected items showed up on their bill without explanation.

More Information About Titan Gas & Power

Titan Gas & Power is based in Houston, Texas, where it was founded in 2005. The company supplies natural gas and electricity to New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

You can contact customer service representatives at 1-888-355 6205. For more complete information, including online contact details, check out our Titan Gas & Power contact page.

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