Moving in with National Fuel in New York State

We detail how to start natural gas service when moving into a new home with National Fuel in New York State.

Beginning National Fuel Service

If you are moving into a new home in National Fuel service territory in New York state, you will need to call customer service at least ten days before your move in date to ensure service is turned on in time. Call 1-716-686-6123, or 1-800-365-3234 if calling from outside New York state.

A natural gas technician will need to come to your home and get a meter reading before turning on your service.

You will need to provide National Fuel with the following information in order to open a new account:

  • Name
  • Social Security Number
  • New Address & Planned Move In Date

Transferring Service

If you already have National Fuel service and would simply like to transfer it to your new home, you will need to provide the following information over the phone at least ten days in advance of your move out date:

  • Name
  • National Fuel Account Number
  • New Address & Move In Date

A technician will need a meter reading from both your new and old homes. Read more about cancelling your old service on our National Fuel moving out page.


A deposit will most likely not be required for most accounts. However, if your service will be short-term, a deposit may be requested to open your account.

Turning On Service

If your new home already has pipeline service, it should take only about 5 days to turn on your new service. National Fuel can tell you over the phone whether your new address has pipeline service.

If your home does not have natural gas pipeline, National Fuel will need to estimate the cost and time needed for installation. If there is an associated cost, you will need to pay for installation before your service can start. It can take 10 or more days to install new pipeline, so you are advised to call National Fuel as soon as possible if you think there may be an issue with pipeline at your new home.

Default Rates with National Fuel

National Fuel will put you onto a graded rate plan when you join, where the rate you pay for gas per cubic foot depends on how much you consume.

Graded Rate Plans

Each month, National Fuel charges your natural gas consumption at different rates, depending on the total amount you consume. 10 CCFs, or 1,000 cubic feet, is about enough natural gas to provide a household's heating and cooking needs, and more, for 4 days.(1 CCF = one hundred cubic feet)

  • Consumption below 4 CCF: Gas rates are the highest per CCF
  • Consumption between 5 & 50 CCF: Rates are moderate
  • Consumption above 50 CCF: Lowest rates per CCF

For example, if your home consumes 41 CCF in January, you will pay the highest rate for your first 4 CCF, and the moderate rate for your remaining 37 CCF.

Choosing an Energy Supply Company (ESCO)

Alternative Energy Supply Companies (ESCO) emerged after the New York energy market opened to competition in 1996. ESCOs must compete with each other and traditional utility companies for customers, New Yorkers have the opportunity to save big by switching to an ESCO.

National Fuel normally covers both the supply and delivery charges for your natural gas. Delivery charges are all costs related to getting natural gas to your home, as well as maintaining and building pipeline infrastructure. Supply covers the cost of the actual natural gas you consume, as well as administrative and customer service costs.

Making the Switch

You will need to call National Fuel to set up your natural gas service before choosing an ESCO. This is because your ESCO will need your National Fuel account number to start service.

If you choose an ESCO, the ESCO will be in charge of providing your natural gas supply charges, while National Fuel will still be in charge of delivery. This means that any issues you have related to repairs or getting natural gas in your home will still be the responsibility of National Fuel. However, for all customer service related issues, your ESCO will be the place to go.

There will be no interruptions in service after making the switch to an alternative ESCO. You will receive two natural gas bills, one for supply from your ESCO and one for delivery from National Fuel.

More Information on National Fuel

To learn more about National Fuel, including New York locations, read our National Fuel utility page.

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