How To Pay Your National Grid Bill

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To pay your National Grid electricity or gas bills, there are different options to suit your preference.

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Paying In-Person

You can pay your bills at a walk-in payment center or at an authorized agency, by credit card, check, or cash. Authorized agencies are located throughout National Grid's service area - check on National Grid's website to find the closest payment center near you.

Note that payments in person may take up to three days for processing, and that additional service charges may apply. National Grid recommends that you pay online for the quickest service.

Payments by Mail

National Grid provides a self-addressed envelope with each month's bill. To pay your bill by mail, simply mail your check or money order, along with the paper bill stub, to the address on your envelope. If paying by check, make sure to write your account number on the back, and make the check out to "Electricity and Gas payments". If you have lost the payment envelope, you can mail payment to the following address:

Electricity and Gas payments
National Grid
P.O. Box 11742
Newark, NJ 07101-4742

Payments Over the Phone

To pay over the phone, call 1-888-849-4310. Note that this is an automated system that accepts major credit cards, but may take up to three (3) days for processing. Additional service charges may apply.

Payments Online

One-time Online Payment

You can make a one-time (non-recurring) payment online by credit/debit card using Western Union SpeedPay. Note that WesternUnion SpeedPay charges a $2.25 service fee, and allows a maximum payment of $600 per transaction.

Alternatively, you can pay your bill directly by entering your banking details (for your checking or savings account) to make a one-time payment.

You may also be able to pay your bill online on your bank's website. Check with your bank for more information. Note that processing times may take slightly longer, especially for payments over the weekend or holidays.

Automated Payments

There are two types of automated payments: DirectPay, or recurring payments.

  DirectPay Recurring Payments
Description DirectPay is the easiest way to pay your bill. The amount due is automatically withdrawn before the bill due date. Recurring payments are also automatic, but you can control how much you pay, when you want to pay, and when you want to stop paying. You can also decide how often you want to pay your bill, and if you want to set a limit on what is paid each billing cycle.
Payment amount The full amount owed. The current bill and any outstanding fees. Fixed amount Full or maximum amount
Pay a fixed amount every billing cycle. If the amount owed is lower than the paid amount, the extra paid amount will go to the next billing cycle. If the amount owed is higher than the paid amount, you will be left with an outstanding payment due. You can pay this amount using the other one-time methods of payment available (described below). If not, the outstanding amount due will be transfered to your next billing cycle with a late payment fee of 1.5% of the outstanding amount due. Pay a maximum amount every month. If your bill is lower than this amount, then you only pay the amount due, and if the amount due is higher than the maximum, then you must choose another way of paying the amount using one-time payment, or by transfering the the outstanding amount to your next billing cycle with a late payment fee of 1.5% of the outstanding amount due.
Payment frequency Once every billing period Weekly, twice a month, or monthly. Once every billing period.
Payment date 15 days after the bill is sent to you (before the payment deadline). On the date you choose. Must be the same date every month. At the date of the deadline.
Plan expiration date Never. The plan ends only when you cancel. When you sign up to this type of payment, you must choose an end date. You will be reminded when the plan is about to come at an end.
Time for plan to be in place This payment method takes 2 - 3 weeks to be put in place. This payment type can be put in place in 1 day once you have requested it.

Need help with your bill?

Budget Plan

National Grid's Budget Plan enables you to spread out your projected annual bill into 12 equal payments. National Grid will estimate your energy usage over the whole year, and spread out the payments, so that even though both the price of electricity and your consumption will change every month, you will be paying the same amount. To find out more about this, go to our National Grid Budget Plan page.

Payment Assistance Programs

There are various state and National Grid payment assistance programs available for people who have difficulty in paying their bill due to financial problems, medical difficulties, or for other reasons.

There are 11 different assistance programs available to National Grid customers:

  • Low Income Discount Program, Low Income Electric Discount Program and Low Income Electric Heating Discount Program
  • Low Income Gas Discount Program
  • AffordAbility
  • Serious Illness/Medical Emergency
  • Third Party Notification
  • Hospitalized Customer Assistance Plans
  • Braille Bills/Eye Saver Service
  • Consumer Advocates
  • Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Speech Impaired
  • Care and Share Energy Fund
  • Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

Note that for some programs National Grid will contact eligible customers directly. Find out more information about assistance programs on National Grid's website.

Payment Arrangement Options

Call National Grid if you think that you will have difficulty making a bill payment. National Grid offers two payment arrangement options. These are free services available to all customers. 

  • Collection arrangement: if you need a little extra time to pay the past due amount on your bill, National Grid can postpone the due date. Note that the entire account balance must be paid by the date stated in the collection arrangement, and that payments should be timed accordingly (so that they are posted to the account by the collection arrangement deadline). Any applicable late payment charges will still be assessed. 
  • Payment agreement: spread your past due amount into monthly installments. This option is appropriate for customers who need to pay their bill in installments. Note that an initial down payment is required, with the remainder divided into monthly installments. Installment amounts may be different. There are certain eligibility requirements for this option.

The phone number for requesting a payment arrangement is 1-800-443-1837. To reach credit/collections, call 1-800-443-1837. You can find more information about payment arrangements on National Grid's website.

Paperless billing

If you care about the environment, you can apply for paperless billing. Instead of receiving your bill through the postal service, you will receive it by email. The advantage is that you can access it anywhere you are connected to the internet.

National Grid Offices

Would you like to discuss service, bill payment, or other issues in person? No problem! National Grid has a number of customer service locations ready to help you out.

City Address Hours Phone Number
Brooklyn - Downtown Brooklyn 1 Metrotech Ctr, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 1-718-403-2000
Brooklyn - Brownsville 1535 Pitkin Ave, Between Saratoga Ave & Strauss St, Brooklyn, NY 11212 1-718-643-4050

How to Save on Your National Grid Bill

With electricity prices rising every year, here are a few ideas for taking the pressure off your energy budget.

The most effective change you can make is to reduce your overall energy consumption. A lot of the items on your National Grid bill are charged based on how much energy you consume, so improving your energy efficiency at home can go a long way towards lowering your bills.

Energy Saving Ideas Check out some of our useful tips about how to save money on your energy bills, including how to save money in the summer, how to use your appliances wisely, and all about a little thing called vampire energy

Another option you can take is to take a look at the rate you're paying with National Grid, and see if it can be beat by an alternate energy services company (ESCO). With retail energy markets in New York opened to competition, many ESCO can offer competitive rates for electricity and natural gas.

To learn more about energy supply options in your area, call us directly at phone currently not available to find the best rates in your area.