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Infinite Energy is an alternate supplier serving 5 US states with electricity and natural gas. Customers enjoy the friendliness of customer service representatives, but some do not appreciate that contracts revert to variable rates at the end of their term.

Our Opinion

Customers appreciate the ease of communicating with Infinite Energy online, and the company has a good Better Business Review for customer service. Fixed rate plans can be a good option for savings with the company.

However, some customers are not happy that they are automatically switched to variable rate plans at the end of their contracts. Variable rates can be expensive, and sometimes difficult to cancel.

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Available Rates

Rate Type Contract Length Early Cancellation Fee Details Our Take
Fixed Rates 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, or 36 months $50
  • Rates remain same for entire contract period
  • Monthly fee of $5.95 - 9.95
  • Requires credit check for eligibility and deposit may be asked of some customers
  • Some plans have activation fees


  • Natural gas: 3, 6, or 12 months
  • Electricity: 18, 24, or 36 months
Variable Rates None None
  • Rates subject to change each month
  • Monthly fee of $5.95
  • Activation fees on some plans
Not recommended

Good Online Presence

Some customers report that it is easy to pay their bills online, and they appreciate this format.

Additionally, some consumers think it is refreshing that customer service representatives are easily accessible on Facebook and other social media, which some find to be convenient.

Informative Customer Service

There are reports that representatives with Infinite Energy are helpful, and happy to advise customers about good plans to sign up for.

Additionally, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave Infinite Energy a B rating for dealing well with official customer complaints. However, the BBB reported that the company received more complaints than expected for a company of its size.

Savings on Fixed Rate Plans

Customers report that they are pleased to save on fixed rate plans with Infinite Energy in comparison to rates with their local utilty. Some customers report saving more with Infinite Energy than with other alternate suppliers.

We recommend fixed rates because the market price of electricity per kilowatt-hour or natural gas per therm changes so much that a fixed rate plan can shield you from fluctuations. For natural gas customers, we recommend contracts of periods shorter than 12 months, because the market price for natural gas changes a lot over the course of a year, but actually falls over time. We recommend signing up for competitive fixed natural gas rates during the winter, when prices are paradoxically the lowest.

Electricity customers however, should opt for fixed rate contracts lasting longer than 12 months, because the price of electricity increases over the long-term, but fluctuates so much over the short term that you could actually lose money on a fixed rate plan when the market price of electricity is low.

Automatic Variable Rates

Fixed rate plans automatically become variable rates at the end of your contract period with Infinite Energy, and some customers are not happy about this. Variable rates can end up being more expensive than your local utility, and customers report that they were not notified that their Infinite Energy contract was ending and didn't have the chance to cancel or renew their plan before variable rates kicked in.

Difficulty Using Auto-Pay

Some customers feel that auto-pay is not straight-forward. Thinking the service was set up, some customers report that they only realized it wasn't working when they received late fees.

Company Background

Infinite Energy is based in Florida, and it is also known as Intelligent Energy on the east coast. The company was founded in 1994, and serves 5 east coast and southern states with electricity and natural gas.

New York customers can contact Infinite Energy at 1-877-483-4684. Get more information, including contact numbers for other states, on our Infinite Energy contact page.