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Infinite Energy (also known as Intelligent Energy in New Jersey and New York) offers retail natural gas supply in four states across the south and east United States, and provides retail electricity in one state (Texas).

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States Served

Infinite Energy offers the following services:

State Energy Service Utilities Served
Florida Natural Gas
  • Central Florida Gas (CFG)
  • Florida City Gas (NUI)
  • Florida Public Utilities (FPU)
  • Teco Peoples Gas (TECO)
Georgia Natural Gas
  • Atlanta Gas Light Company
New Jersey Natural Gas
New York Natural Gas
Texas Electricity

Plans Available

Rate Type Contract Length Details Early Cancellation Fee
Fixed Rates 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, or 36 months
  • Rate remains the same for the entire contract period
  • Available in partnership with Nest Smart Thermostat
  • Monthly "customer service" fee of $5.95 - 9.95
  • Credit check required for eligibility
  • Deposit may be required for lower credit scores, equal to or less than:
    • Estimated bills for next two months, or
    • 20% of your estimated yearly usage
  • Some customers may pay deposit in installments
  • Activation fees for some customers
Variable Rates None
  • Rates may change every month
  • Monthly "customer service" fee of $5.95
  • Some plans have activation fees

If you provide proof of a move, you can avoid an early termination fee with Infinite Energy.

We recommend fixed rate plans with Infinite Energy, as long as you are able to lock in a competitive rate. Natural gas plans are best for periods of 12 months or less, while electricity customers should opt for 18 months or more.

Variable rate plans should be avoided, because alternative suppliers like Infinite Energy are not regulated by your state government and can therefore become more expensive than your local utility.

Nest Thermostat Plans

Available only on 24-month fixed rate plans, customers have the option of choosing a Nest Plan with a free Nest Learning thermostat included. Smart thermostats can save customers on their energy bill by automatically tracking when a resident's habits and lowering temperatures during times when they are away. Additionally, Nest thermostats can easily be adjusted from a distance, on your smart phone or computer for example.

Customers on Nest plans also receive monthly usage reports, which summarize energy usage and help residents to adjust their consumption accordingly.

Home Solution Add-Ons

New or current customers have the option to add on discounted services with Infinite Energy. For a monthly fee, services include:

  • Surge protection - safeguard appliances or electronics against damage in the event of a power outage
  • Wiring protection
  • Water heater insurance
  • Plumbing coverage

All services cover your needs up to $500 per claim. In the event of an issue, you simply need to call Infinite Energy to send a repair technician to your home.

Customer Reviews

Many consumers report that Infinite Energy's customer service representatives are accommodating and friendly. Also, others appreciate automated online services. Infinite Energy has a B rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), for fast and effective response to customer complaints. However, BBB also notes that Infinite Energy receives more complaints than expected based on its size.

Some customers, however, are not pleased with the accessibility of plan terms and conditions on the company's website. Some feel they have to dig a bit to find out plan details.

Read more customer experiences with the company, along with our take, on the Infinite Energy reviews page.

Contact Information

You can reach Infinite Energy customer service at 1-877-483-4684 if you live in New York. Read contact information for other states, along with how to reach them via email.

Company Background

Infinite Energy was founded in 1994 in Florida, and is known as Intelligent Energy in New York and New Jersey. It has been ranked among the top 100 companies to work for in Florida for three straight years by Fortune Magazine.