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Agway Energy Services Reviews

Based in Syracuse, NY, Agway Energy Services is an alternate supplier serving natural gas and electricity to Pennsylvania and New York residents. Customers report savings on fixed rates, but may not fully understand their plan terms.

Our Take

Customers report that they are pleased with savings on fixed rate plans with Agway Energy Services. Additionally, customer service gets high marks for responding well to official complaints. The company has a small number of complaints as well.

However, some customers do not appreciate the instability of variable rate plans, and some may feel that plan terms are not always easy to understand.

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Available Plans & Our Thoughts

Plan Type Details Contract Length Early Cancellation Fee Our Opinion
Fixed Rates
  • Rates remain the same for entire contract period
  • Only open to customers switching over from variable plans
  • 30 days notice required to cancel
12 months None Recommended:
  • Natural gas plans
Variable Rates
  • Rates subject to change each month
  • 1 month promotional rate; rates variable thereafter
  • No contract but service automatically renews each month
  • 30 days notice required to cancel
None None Not recommended

Top Customer Service Ratings

Agway Energy Services has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for handling customer concerns well. Additionally, Agway Energy receives a small number of official complaints for a company of its size.

Additionally, the company received a low number of complaints in comparison to other Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) in 2012, according to the New York Public Service Commission.

Savings on Fixed Rates

Customers report that they are pleased with how much they can save on fixed rate plans with Agway Energy in comparison to rates offered with their local utility.

Natural gas customers should opt for fixed rate contracts lasting 12 months or fewer because the rate of natural gas per therm or cubic foot actually falls over time, but changes so much between seasons that customers can save by locking in a competitive rate during the winter months.

For electricity however, fixed month contracts lasting 18 months or longer can deliver savings. The price of electricity per kilowatt-hour is increasing over time, but it fluctuates so much over the course of a year that customers on a fixed rate contract will not be able to save when the market price drops over shorter periods of time.

Fixed rate plans with Agway Energy have no early cancellation fees.

Unstable Variable Rates

Some customers express frustration with the fact that the first month of variable service with Agway Energy can offer great prices, but rates can become unpredictable and higher than their local utility afterwards.

We do not recommend variable rates with alternate suppliers, since they are not regulated by your state government.

Unclear Service Terms

Customers report that they appreciate add-on services like free furnace maintenance with Agway Energy, but that they are not sure how much extra they are paying for it when energy prices are higher than their utility on variable rate plans.

Additionally, some customers are frustrated that fixed rates automatically become variable at the end of their contract term. Some feel that they were not adequately aware of this condition when signing up.

Company Background

Agway Energy is based in Syracuse, NY and serves natural gas customers in New York and Pennsylvania. New York customers also receive electricity service.

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