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Agway Energy Services

Agway Energy Services is an alternate energy supply company serving New York and Pennsylvania with natural gas and electricity.

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Service Area

Agway Energy Services (AES) provides natural gas service to New York and Pennsylvania. Electricity is available to New York customers.

Utilities Served

AES supplies natural gas and/or electricity service to the following utilities:

State Utility
New York Central Hudson
National Fuel
KeySpan/National Grid
Orange & Rockland
Pennsylvania Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania
Peoples Gas

Plans Available

Plan Type Contract Length Early Cancellation Fee Details
Fixed Rates 12 months $0
  • Rate remains the same for entire contract period
  • Available only if switching from variable to fixed rates
Variable Rates None None
  • 1 month introductory rate, then prices subject to change each month thereafter
  • 3 day right to rescind period
  • Plan automatically renews each month
  • 30 days notice required to cancel

Plan Recommendations

Most fixed rate contracts feature early cancellation fees. Agway Energy Services luckily has no fees to end service, giving customers the flexibility to sign up for a fixed rate plan even if they are not sure they will stay with AES for the entire contract term.

Customers can save on the rate they pay for natural gas per therm or electricity per kilowatt-hour over time on a fixed rate plan.

EnergyGuard Services

Customers with AES are automatically signed up for EnergyGuard maintenance plans.

For natural gas customers, this includes repairs to your home heating system. Systems covered by the plan include natural gas furnaces and boilers, but pre-existing issues are not covered by this program.

Electric coverage includes repairs to central air conditioners and home electrical wiring, at up to $1,000 for parts and labor per year. Most parts of central air conditioners are covered.

Emergency support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Budget Billing

Natural gas customers can opt for budget billing, where customers pay an averaged bill each month, based on their average consumption during the year prior. At the end of the 12 month budget billing period, customers may owe money or get some back when the difference between expected and actual consumption is calculated.

Customer Reviews

Agway Energy Services customers report that they appreciate the friendliness of customer service representatives. Additionally, customers appreciate savings on fixed rate plans, and the fact that there are no early cancellation fees.

However, some may feel that variable rates are unstable.

Read more customer feedback, including our take, on our Agway Energy Services customer reviews page. You can also compare reviews with other alternate suppliers.

Contact Details

You can reach AES by at 1-888-982-4929 from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (EST), Monday through Friday. Get more contact details for the company, including email information, on our Agway Energy Services contact page.

Company Information

Agway Energy is a subsidiary of Suburban Propane based in Syracuse, New York.

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