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Looking for MORE out of an energy provider & plan ?

Airline Rewards* - Green Energy - Charity Donations - Competitive Rates
(*available in select states & cities)

Eligo Energy Customer Reviews

Eligo Energy offers competitive products, innovative solutions and technology applications to residential and commercial customers in five states. Customers appreciate savings on fixed rates, but some feel uncomfortable with sales practices.

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Our Take on Eligo Enegy

With the right plan, we think that Eligo Energy has the potential to be a good choice of supplier. Eligo Energy has partnered with numerous municipalities to supply electricity as an aggregate electricity supplier, which we take as a sign that the company acts in a reasonable and dependable manner (assuming that municipalities are well-informed and stringent in their requirements for a supplier). We also like that Eligo Energy appears to have a low history of official complaints filed against it (with both the Better Business Board and state public service commissions).

However, no energy company is perfect, and Eligo Energy is no exception. We would like to see Eligo Energy make their plan terms and conditions more easy to find online.

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Available Plans With Eligo Energy

Rate Type Plan Terms Details Our Opinion
Fixed Rates 12 months or more
  • Rate remains the same for entire contract period
  • Early cancellation fee: $20 per month left in contract


  • Could be a good deal, depending on the rate

We recommend fixed rate plans with alternate suppliers like Eligo Energy, because you may be able to save in comparison to offers with your local utility.

We normally recommend periods of more than 12 months for electricity customers, because the price of electricity per kilowatt-hour changes so much over the course of a year that fixed rate customers might miss out on savings when the market price for electricity drops. However, since the price of electricity increases over time, fixed rate contracts can be a good deal over periods longer than 12 months.

Variable rates are generally not a good idea, because rates with alternate suppliers are not regulated by your local government and could end up being more expensive than your utility.

Automatic RenewalsLike many alternate energy suppliers, Eligo Energy will automatically enroll customers in a month-to-month variable plan at the end of a fixed price plan, unless customers decide to switch suppliers or choose another fixed rate. Watch out for attractive fixed rates on short plans (6 months), as the variable rate that you may be charged after may not be nearly as good of a deal.

Customer Reviews With Eligo Energy

Customers report that they are pleased with savings on fixed rate plans in comparison to rates offered by their local utility. A Better Business Bureau-accredited business, in February 2016 Eligo Energy had an A+ rating from the BBB based on the relatively low number of complaints filed against the company relative to its size/history, and based on its responsiveness to complaints.

Some customers, however, have had negative experiences with variable rates, which can often be more expensive than what their local utility charges. Additionally, some customers allege that they have had difficulty cancelling their variable rate plans upon realizing that rates had increased more than expected.

Some consumers have voiced concerns over pushy sales practices. The Illinois Commerce Commission has recorded some complaints regarding sales/marketing practices, though none were formal complaints and numbers have been dropping over the past two years.

About Eligo Energy

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Eligo Energy provides energy solutions for residential and commercial customers in Illinois, Maryland, New York, Ohio, and Washington, D.C. Find out more about the company in our Eligo Energy Profile page

Contact Eligo Energy

You can contact Eligo Energy customer service representatives at 1-888-744-8125 from Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CST). Find more information, including customer service email address, on our Eligo Energy contact page.

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