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Looking for MORE out of an energy provider & plan ?

Airline Rewards* - Green Energy - Charity Donations - Competitive Rates
(*available in select states & cities)

Eligo Energy

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Eligo Energy offers competitive products, innovative solutions and technology applications to residential and commercial customers in Illinois, Maryland, New York, Ohio, and Washington, D.C.

Our Take on Eligo Energy

With the right plan, we think Eligo Energy could be a good choice for your energy supplier. We like that the company has a history of very few complaints, and appears to respond to them quickly. However, we would like Eligo Energy to make their plans and terms and conditions more available online.

Eligo Energy Electricity Offers

Eligo Energy offers fixed rate plans, with contract lengths including 12 months. Fixed rate plans feature the same price per kilowatt-hour for electricity for the entire contract length.

There is a $10 monthly fee for Eligo Energy customers on fixed rate plans. In addition, Eligo charges an early cancellation fee of $20 for each month remaining in the contract.

Read more about common contract conditions.

Explanation of Plan Options

Fixed vs Variable Rates Options

A fixed rate does not change over the whole period of the contract, meaning that for the length of the contract (3, 6, 12, or 24 months) the price you pay for electricity in ¢/kWh does not change. In general we recommend choosing fixed rate contracts of at least 12 months or more. As electricity prices per kilowatt-hour fluctuate throughout the year, and you may actually lose money by not being able to take advantage of prices when they are low. However, because electricity prices tend to increase over time, locking in fixed rates for longer periods may prove advantageous and deliver savings. You can find more information about fixed rates in our guide.

In general, we do not recommend variable rates, as most customers report negative experiences with them. With prices not guaranteed after the first month, variable rates tend to be highly unpredictable. Find out more about variable electricity price.

Some customers have reported savings on fixed rate electricity plans from Eligo Energy. Fixed rate plans can often be a good deal if you are able to lock in a good rate at the right time of year.

Customer Reviews of Eligo Energy

Read more customer views on the company, along with our take, on our Eligo Energy reviews page.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (as of February, 2016), Eligo Energy receives high marks for receiving a relatively low number of complaints, and for handling customer issues appropriately.

Some customers however are uncomfortable with the company's sales techniques. The Illinois Commerce Commission has recorded a few complaints against the company regarding sales practices, though none have been formal complaints and the number of complaints appears to be dropping over the past two years.

Automatic RenewalsLike many alternate energy suppliers, Eligo Energy appears to automatically enroll customers in a month-to-month variable plan at the end of a fixed price plan, unless customers decide to switch suppliers or choose another fixed rate. Watch out for attractive fixed rates on short plans (6 months), as the variable rate that you may be charged after may not be nearly as good of a deal.

About Eligo Energy

Eligo Energy was founded by Alex Goldstein and Mark Friedgan in Chicago, Illinois, in 2012. The company now serves over 10,000 customers, and has been praised for its use of technology in the energy supply field. In addition to providing energy solutions to individual residential and business customers, Eligo Energy also serves as an aggregate electrical supplier for several local municipalities.

Service Area

Eligo Energy provides energy solutions to customers (both residential and commercial) in Illinois, Maryland, New York, Ohio, and Washington, D.C. The company is particularly present in northeastern Illinois, and serves customers in Chicago, Naperville, Rockford, Elgin, St Charles, Lake Forest, Winnetka, Evanston, Bolingbrook, Palatine, Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Rolling Meadows, Wheeling, and Mundelein.

Specifically, Eligo Energy offers energy plans in the following utilities' service areas:

State Utilities
  • ComEd
New York
  • AEP Ohio & AEP Ohio Columbus
  • Duke Energy
  • The Illuminating Company
  • OhioEdison
  • ToledoEdison
Washington, D.C.

Contact Eligo Energy

You can call Eligo Energy customer service at 1-888-744-8125, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CST), Monday through Friday. Find complete contact details for Eligo Energy on our Eligo Energy contact page.

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