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Energy Plus Reviews

Energy Plus is an alternative energy supplier serving 8 US states. The company has an excellent Better Business Bureau rating, but some customers are concerned about the instability of variable rates.

Our Opinion

Energy Plus has a great history of responding to formal consumer complaints, according to the Better Business Bureau. They rank highly on customer service measures.

However, this supplier currently offers only variable rate plans for natural gas and electricity. Variable rates with alternative suppliers are not regulated and thus subject to increase from one month to the next. Though Energy Plus offers initial 3-month promotional prices, rates may become unstable afterward. Compare reviews with other suppliers.

Because we do not recommend variable rate plans, we currently do not suggest service with Energy Plus.

Plans Available

All plans with Energy Plus are variable, which means they are subject to change each month. Features include:

  • 3 month price promotion, variable rates afterward
  • 10 day right to rescind
  • Monthly rate increases do not exceed 30%
  • Automatic plan renewal each month
  • Cancellation may take 1-2 months
  • Rewards: travel miles, referral bonuses, & education funds

Variable rate plans with Energy Plus feature attractive rates for the first three months. Afterwards, prices may change and they have the potential to rise above the rates offered by your local utility.

Because we only recommend fixed rate plans, we do not recommend signing up for service with Energy Plus. Stay tuned for news on whether Energy Plus offers fixed rate plans in the future.

Good Response to Customer Concerns

Despite issues with rate stability, Energy Plus has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau based on handling formal complaints very well. In addition to receiving a small number of complaints relative to its size, Better Business Bureau reports that Energy Plus addresses customer concerns effectively.

Misleading Offers

Customers report disappointment with variable rate plans. These plans are advertised as a great way to save money, but in reality may end up being more expensive than local utilities.

Other consumers report unfair sales practices, alleging that the company targets people who aren't aware of what they are signing up for.

Lawsuits and Government Action

Federal lawsuits against Energy Plus were filed in New York and New Jersey in 2012, citing the company's misleading claims about savings. Additionally, the Connecticut Attorney General launched investigation into Energy Plus for false advertising the same year.

Background on the Company

A New York-based company, Energy Plus Holdings was established in 2007. It now serves natural gas and electricity choice customers in 8 US states. It is a subsidiary of NRG Energy.

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