Moving In: Sign Up for Electricity and Gas with ConEdison in New York State

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This page explains how to activate electricity and gas when moving into a new home with ConEdison. It also details how to switch to an alternative ESCO.

Moving In: What You'll Have to Do

Whether you live in ConEdison gas or electricity service territory, or both, the process for activating your service is the same. You must:

  • Call your utility company at least 24h before your moving-in
  • Give them:
  • name
  • moving-in address
  • moving-in date
  • telephone number
  • social security number (or passport number if you have none)

If your line is already activated ConEdison will simply create the account in your name immediately, and start billing you on the date you wish to start service. If your line was deactivated your meter will need to be switched on, which can take up to 24 hours to take effect.

You can give ConEdison your bank details at this stage or wait until you have received your first bill.

Normal Rates with ConEdison

When you set up your account with ConEdison, you will be automatically signed up on a variable rate plan if you do not specify a different rate choice. This means your rate for electricity or gas is based on the fluctuating retail price. At the end of the month, your electricity bill will be based on the average monthly price of electricity per kilowatt-hour. Gas bills function much the same way, but are instead based on the price of gas per therm.

Electricity & Gas Costs: Supply and Delivery

ConEdison is the electricity and/or gas utility company for your area. This means that by default, ConEdison will take care of electricity or gas delivery and supply. Delivery encompasses building and maintaining transmission and distribution infrastructure, and transporting electricity and gas from the point of production to your home. ConEdsion will always take care of your delivery, even if you switch to a competitive supplier.

However, the supply of energy is up for retail competition since New York's energy markets are deregulated. Supply charges cover energy consumed, administrative costs, and customer service.

Choosing an Alternative Energy Supply Company (ESCO) When Moving In

Though ConEdison will always take care of your delivery charges, you are free to choose an alternative ESCO company to cover your energy supply charges. This is good news for customers, who can save by switching to competitive offers with companies like Direct Energy, Just Energy, Spark Energy, and Oasis Energy.

When calling the utility to assign your name and details to a new address for the activation of the meter, you are also automatically signing up for a supply agreement with ConEdison. However, you are free to choose an alternative ESCO to save on supply charges.

ConEdison rates are regulated by the New York Public Service Commission, while unregulated ESCOs can have lower prices.

Signing Up with an ESCO

Be sure to contact ConEdison first to activate your meter and line. Your ESCO of choice will need your ConEdison account information in order to make the change.

​Contact ConEdison

You can contact the ConEdison customer service by dialing: 800-752-6633, from 1:00 AM - 11:00 PM, Mon - Sun.

If you need more information on ConEdison, you can visit our ConEdison profile page.