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American Power & Gas is a smaller energy supplier that focuses on providing "low cost energy solutions across the US". Customers appreciate green energy options, but some feel that savings on variable rate plans do not live up to the company's sales pitches.

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Our Take on American Power & Gas

With the right plan, we think American Power & Gas could be a good choice of supplier. The supplier has good customer feedback for its green energy plans, and customers appreciate rewards for referring their friends.

However, some customers feel that promises about savings on variable rate plans have never materialized. Additionally, the company has a poor Better Business Bureau rating for customer service.

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Energy Plan Options Available With American Power & Gas

Rate type Energy type Plan Details Cancellation fee Our Take
Variable Normal
  • 1 month introductory rate, followed by variable rates
  • Automatically renews each month
  • Rebate check offered for 25% of average energy price at the end of each 12 months on plan (24 month maximum)
None - one month notice required to cancel plan Not recommended

Green Energy:

  • Electricity: 100% renewable wind
  • Gas: 100% carbon offset
  • 1 month introductory rate, followed by variable rates
  • Automatically renews each month
  • Receive rebate check for 25% of average energy price at the end of each 12 months on plan (24 month maximum)
None - one month notice required to cancel plan Not recommended

When shopping for energy, we recommend choosing a fixed rate plan, which will offer you stability and the possibility of savings over the long run. With fixed rate plans the price you pay for natural gas per therm or electricity per kilowatt-hour remains the same for your entire contract period. Because alternate suppliers are not regulated by your state government, variable rates may end up being more expensive than prices charged by your local utility.

Most customers who expressed negative experiences with American Power & Gas were on variable rates. As variable rates can change at the discretion of the provider, we do not recommend choosing them at this time.

Good Green Energy Options

Many customers appreciate green energy choices with American Power and Gas. For environmentally-conscious consumers, there are electricity plans featuring 100% wind generated power, which creates virtually no pollution during generation.

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Natural gas customers can also choose green plans, where carbon offsets are purchased on your behalf, worth 100% of your consumption. Carbon offsets support the generation of green energy elsewhere in the United States, leading to less dependency on polluting sources of energy.

Enjoyable Rewards Programs

Some customers are pleased with the rewards they are able to earn for referring their friends for service.

Poor Better Business Bureau Reviews

As of February, 2016 American Power and Gas had an F rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for not responding adequately to consumer complaints. The BBB has noted a pattern of customer complaints regarding sales practices and billing issues, with many customers alleging that the rates they were billed were double and triple their previous invoice and not what the rates the business had promised. The BBB has also reported a more recent pattern of complaints regarding telemarketing issues.

Bill Instability on Variable Rates

Some customers have reported that their variable rates doubled and tripled over time, in comparison to rates they initially paid. Additionally, some feel that they were made promises about savings with the company that never materialized. Some customers reported being promised a guarantee of savings in comparison to local utility rates, whereas the rates they paid actually became higher than their utility.

When questioned about this issue by the BBB in 2014, American Power & Gas pointed to the cold weather induced surge in energy costs and electric bills which has affected many energy suppliers.

About American Power and Gas

American Power & Gas is headquartered in Dunedin, Florida. The company offers electricity and gas supply options in New York and Pennsylvania for residential and commercial customers with electricity and natural gas supplies options.

You can contact customer service for American Power & Gas by phone at 1-888-815-6971. Find more complete contact information for the supplier on our dedicated page.

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