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Spark Energy in New York

Read below for information on how to start service with Spark Energy in New York state, rates in your area, and how changing providers affects your service.

Choosing an ESCO

Since New York state's market for energy opened to competition in 1998, all residents are free to choose an alternate Energy Supply Company (ESCO) for both natural gas and electricity service. Though ESCOs take over the supply of your energy after switching, your local utility will still cover delivery.

One such ESCO is Spark Energy, serving electricity and gas choice customers across parts of New York State. Whether you are looking for green energy options, or just a cheaper fixed rate, Spark Energy may offer competitive offers in your area.

Utilities Served

Spark Energy serves electricity and natural gas customers in New York state in the following utility service territories:

Offers for New York Customers

Customers of Spark Energy can choose plans which vary according to contract length, price, and more depending on your location. Below are electricity and natural gas offers, divided by New York energy utility. 

The offers below are current as of March 2015, and they are subject to change.

Utility Sample City & Zip Code Energy Type Renewable Energy? Contract lengths & Rates Early Cancellation Fees
ConEdison New York - 10010 Electricity No
  • 12 months (price protect): 11.99¢ per kWh
  • 12 months (freedom plus): 13.88¢ per kWh
  • 24 months11.69¢ per kWh
    • Plus $4.95 monthly fee
  • 12 months (price protect): $100
  • 12 months (freedom plus): None
  • 24 months: $100
    Electricity Yes
  • 12 months: 12.55¢ per kWh
    • Plus $4.95 monthly fee
  • 24 months: 11.9¢ per kWh
    • Plus $4.95 monthly fee
  • 12 months: $100
  • 12 months: $100
National Grid Albany - 12202 Natural Gas No
  • 6 months: 38.7¢ per therm
  • 12 months: 49.9¢ per therm
  • 24 months: 49.9¢ per therm
  • 6 months: $100
  • 12 months: None
  • 24 months: None

Plan Characteristics & Recommendations

Spark Energy fixed rate plans often feature an early cancellation fee, and there may be a monthly fee in addition to the rate you pay for electricity per kilowatt-hour or natural gas per therm.

We only recommend fixed rate plans with Spark Energy. This is because variable rates are not regulated by the state's New York Public Service Commission. Customers on variable rate plans can end up paying more than they would with their local utility.

How to Switch Your Service

New Spark Energy customers will have to set up service with their local utility first. This is because Spark Energy takes care of your service transition based on your utility account informationIf you already have service with your local utility, you can contact Spark Energy directly.

Spark Energy will take care of your service change - you do not need to take any extra steps!

Will My Utility Mind if I Sign Up with Spark Energy?

Here's the short answer: No.

All New York residents are permitted to switch their supply service to an ESCO. Your utility company still gets to keep you as a customer no matter what.

How does it all work? Well, your local utility takes care of your delivery service, or the costs related to getting electricity and natural gas to your home. If you switch to an ESCO like Spark Energy, the ESCO only takes over supply service, or the actual cost of energy you consume and customer service fees.

Your local utility will always provide some of your service if you switch. Further, the New York Public Service Commission (NYPSC) made utility companies accept your right to choose a long time ago.

Starting Service with Spark Energy

You can either call Spark Energy to switch over your supply service, or sign up online. You can reach customer service representatives by phone at 1-877-547-7275 from Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (CST). 

If you prefer, you can also sign up for service online by typing in your zip code and browsing available offers.

You will need the following information to start service:

  • Full name
  • Home Address
  • ConEdison or National Grid Account Number
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Billing Address (if different)

Read more complete contact information for the company on our Spark Energy contact page.

Company Reviews

Customer service reviews are oustanding for Spark Energy, and the company has received a number of awards for excellence in this area, including one from JD Power & Associates in 2011 for customer satisfaction.

However, some customers have expressed frustration with the fact that rates automatically become variable at the end of their contract terms.

Read more customer thoughts along with our opinion, on our Spark Energy reviews page. You can also compare reviews with other ESCOs.

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