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Green Mountain Energy offers electricity products, carbon offsets, and "sustainable solutions" to residential and commercial customers in six states. Green Mountain Energy customers have avoided over 37.7 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions since it was founded in 1997.

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Service Area

Green Mountain Energy serves residential electricity customers in six states, including:


A subsidiary of NRG Energy, Green Mountain Energy's rate plans include:

Plan Type Details Contract length Energy Source
Fixed Rate Plans
  • Rate is the same for entire contract period
  • Early cancellation fee up to $150, depending on plan
3, 6, or 12 months Depending on your location:
  • 100% wind energy
  • 100% solar energy
  • 90% wind, 10% solar
Variable Rate Plans
  • Rate changes each month based on market prices
  • Rate will never be 30% more than previous month
  • Can be cancelled at any time with no fee
  • May take up to 2 billing cycles to end
No contract 100% wind energy

Rates for New York Customers

Rate plans with Green Mountain Energy depend on your local utility. New York customers have the choice between fixed and variable rate contracts. All plans feature 100% green energy.

New York electric utilities served by Green Mountain Energy include:

  1. Central Hudson
  2. ConEdison
  3. National Grid
  4. NYSEG
  5. Orange & Rockland
  6. RG&E

For more details about service in New York state, including rates and contract lengths, check out our Green Mountain Energy in New York page.

Customer Reviews

Reviews for Green Mountain Energy are positive. Customers appreciate that they can save with fixed rate plans and use 100% renewable energy at the same time. Consumers also report that they are impressed with the quality of electricity service - that is, that green energy sources work as well as traditional electricity.

There are however concerns that variable rate plans can change too much from one month to the next, and that these variations are not financially sustainable.

Read more feedback, along with our opinion, on the Green Mountain Energy reviews page.

Business Customers

Green Mountain Energy also serves commercial customers with 100% renewable energy solutions, including larger scale solar products.

Solar Plans & Home Installation

Green Mountain Energy helps to lease solar panels to customers in New York and Texas who would like to install their own. There is a small fee each month to lease solar panels, but customers' electric bills with Green Mountain Energy will also be reduced based on the amount of electricity they produce at home - which is free to consume.

Texas customers also have the opportunity to earn 100% rebates for the excess energy they produce and sell back onto the grid. Similar programs are available for commercial customers.

For customers on solar power plans with Green Mountain Energy, $4 from each monthly bill goes to support new solar projects. Customers receive $11 bill credits for each new solar project established.

Smart Meters

Available for free to customers in Texas, the Nest Learning Thermostat provides information to consumers to help them reduce their energy use and save money. Services include automatically lowering home temperature when you are away, notifying customers when they are consuming energy efficiently, and historical electricity usage data for the past 10 days.

Green Products

In addition to 100% renewable energy, Green Mountain Energy also offers green products, ranging from energy efficient lighting and water conserving faucets, to home solar panels. Customers can also purchase carbon offsets to counter their carbon footprint.

For electric vehicle owners in Texas, Green Mountain Energy has renewable electricity plans that deliver special rates for the electricity needed to charge your vehicle.

Accolades & Accomplishments

Green Mountain Energy won JD Power & Associates' top score for residential retail electricity service in Texas in 2008 & 2014.

In 2012, the Empire State Building signed a two-year contract with Green Mountain Energy to power the building with entirely renewable energy. Green Mountain Energy is also the largest supplier of renewable energy in the state of New York.

Contact Information

New York customers can reach Green Mountain Energy representatives at 1-800-636-5690, from 8AM - 6 PM, Monday through Friday (EST). For complete contact information, including email and phone number details for other states, check out our company contact page.