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Texas-based Perigee Energy offers electricity and gas to residential and commercial customers in five states across the United States. Their mission is to provide residential and commercial customers with "competitive energy products with no hassle, one consolidated bill, no enrollment costs, and absolutely no hidden fees to ensure transparency".

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Perigee Energy Service Area

States served by Perigee Energy include Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Delaware, & Ohio.


Perigee Energy has plans to expand to Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Does Perigee Energy Serve my Utility?

Perigee Energy offers energy supply plans within the following utilities' service areas

Connecticut Massachusetts New York Ohio
  • CL&P
  • United Illuminating
  • National Grid
  • NStar
  • AEP Ohio

Available Rate Types

The rate you pay for electricity per kilowatt-hour will either be fixed for your entire contract period, or will vary along with the market each month. Fixed rate plans are a better deal, but we explain in more detail the two contrasting plan types below.

Plan Contract Length Details
Fixed Rate Plans 6, 12, 18, or 24 months
  • Rate never changes for entire contract period
  • Early termination fee: $10 per month remaining on contract, with $100 maximum
  • Automatic enrollment in 1 year variable rate plan at end of contract period
    • Must notify Perigee in writing 30 days before end of contract to avoid variable rate plan
Variable rate plans Depends on plan
  • Rate changes each month based on market
  • There may be a contract period, and if so there are early termination fees

Perigee Energy cooperates with your local utility company, so that you only have one consolidated bill each month, including your local utility's delivery charges, and Perigee's supply charges. This is not common for alternative energy companies.

Customer Reviews

Savings can be significant on fixed rate plans, and the company has positive customer service reviews from the Better Business Bureau.

As is common with alternative suppliers, customers report that Perigee Energy's variable prices can increase rapidly, resulting in unreasonable monthly changes. 

Read more feedback, including our objective take on Perigee Energy, on our Perigee Energy reviews page.

Green Energy with Perigee Energy

Though Perigee Energy does not offer green energy plans where renewable energy is delivered directly to a customer's home, they do offer the opportunity to offset your electricity usage with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Based on your energy consumption, RECs pay to produce renewable energy elsewhere in the US - balancing out your carbon footprint.

Find out more about the environmental impacts of green energy plans, and how renewable energy credits work.

About Perigee Energy

Perigee Energy is a subsidiary of the energy company Great American Power

Contact Perigee Energy

Perigee Energy's customer service number is 1-866-878-3492. Find full contact details for the company on our contact page.

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